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Welcome to the Mixolo Collective©️.
We're the going out people.  No plus-one required.


Go out with our community of adventurous solos and find your plus-some. 

We partner with welcoming hosts for solo-friendly, inclusive experiences.

We've got experiences. Visit our active GO lists:

Mixolo_Collective_Badge _for_Hosts_Transparent_Use on White Background_02112023.png

*Some links are in progress, and more are coming soon.  Stick with us.  

Bridge Construction

Mixolo, the IRL solo-friendly social network, is building bridges again!  

Now, more than ever, solos want to go out and enjoy shared experiences with like-minded enthusiasts. We want to help you find solo-friendly hosts who want to help you find 
your plus-some!

A thousand thanks to all who participated in our Beta from our founding on February 14, 2017 to that fateful month of March 202o that forced us to pause.*  It's been too long!

Our hosts in the 
Mixolo Collective©️ are gettinready to welcome you
The Mixolo Way©️.

*Where's the Mixolo app? The original Mixolo app is still "intubated" and waiting for a miracle, ideally funding.  We're ready to build bridges again and grow the Mixolo Collective commmnity of solo adventurers and solo-friendly hosts. Let's get into it! 

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