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Welcome to the Mixolo Collective©️.
We're the going out people.  No plus-one required.


Go out with our community of adventurous solos and find your plus-some. 

We partner with welcoming hosts for solo-friendly, inclusive experiences.

Bridge Construction

Mixolo, the IRL solo-friendly social network,  wants to build bridges again!  

Now, more than ever, solos want to go out and enjoy shared experiences with like-minded enthusiasts. We want to help solo adventurers find solo-friendly hosts who want to help you find your plus-some!

A thousand thanks to all who participated in our Beta from our founding on February 14, 2017 to that fateful month of March 202o that forced us to pause.* 

We re-launched as the Mixolo Collective©️ in February 2023 to gauge interest. After our Phase 1 implementation, we are going back to the building plans (aka drawing board) to ensure Mixolo can deliver on its dreams for our solo adventurers and solo-friendly hosts. 

While we continue this journey, you're all still welcome here.  Please continue to sign  up to join the Mixolo Collective.  Your demonstrated interest is important to establishing Mixolo as  viable service business dedicated to building community in an increasingly divisive world. 

*Where's the Mixolo app? The original Mixolo app is still "intubated" and waiting for a miracle, ideally funding.  We're ready to build bridges again and grow the Mixolo Collective commmnity of solo adventurers and solo-friendly hosts. Let's get into it! 

Join the Mixolo Collective©️. You'll be glad you came.
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