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After a 3-year hiatus, we're ready to Mixolo again.
Creating the
Mixolo Collect
ive©️ was Phase 1 of our relaunch as your concierge for solo-friendly fun!

"We want to go all the way out, rebuilding Mixolo as an even more vibrant and cooperative community of ready-to-go-out solos and ready-to-seat-you hosts. Think of the Mixolo Collective©️ as your concierge for solo-friendly fun."

Carolyn Walton Lynch
Founder, Mixolo

IYKYK, but if you don't...

Mixolo, the IRL solo-friendly, social network, launched a Beta in February 14, 2017 (aka, Valentine's Day) with a simple post on Facebook, inviting anyone identifying as solo to join our virtual launch party.  No-plus-one required.

Mixolo (mix + solo) was founded as the "going out app" for anyone navigating solo, regardless of relationship status, who might want to share their favorite experiences with like-minded enthusiasts when they go out.

From there, we entered into partnerships with some amazing hosts (e,g, arts, dining, and entertainment venues, creators, and experience purveyors) to help make the world more solo-friendly.  Our Mixoloists were coming out, on their own, enjoying what they love to do with the most perfect strangers!

Then COVID happened. Events and social contact were restricted like never before in our lifetimes. In March 2020, the beautiful progress we made all but fell apart.

The mobile app is being "intubated" until we are able to see our way to a sustainable business model that still delivers the IRL (in real life) community that we enjoy.

The challenges of building, and now rebuilding, a business include: customers who want what you are giving, creating viable revenue streams for sustainability, and the ability to attract responsible capital.

We're circling back. 
The only reasonable next step: begin again.


The way forward?




  1. as a group; as a whole


Let's get into the...


Creating a collective community of solo adventurers AND solo-friendly hosts will help increase the options for stepping out solo and finding community.


We want to help match solos to solo-friendly hosts open to accommodating groups of like-minded enthusiasts.


In our Mixolo Beta, conducted primarily in Baltimore City, with test events in DC, NOVA and NYC, we formed some amazing partnerships with hosts that were able to accommodate our Mixoloists and expand their patronage and customers.


A collective implies working together towards the same goal.If you like what the Mixolo Collective©️ can mean for encouraging social interaction and sharing the joy of going out, we want you to join us.

If you're a returning host or adventurer, please bear with us as we ask for updated infromation about you to strengthen our communication tools  - and to ensure that you don't miss out on a thing!

At this time, there will be no charge or subscription fee to join the collective. Our primary objective is to grow our collective membership so that we can deliver on our promise to make the world more solo-friendly.


After a 3 year hiatus, our faithful Beta members and many of our gracious, early adopter hosts are ready to Mixolo.  


Phase I of the relaunch was an appeal to increase our collective members, uniting our hosts and adventurers as one vibrant community with Mixolo. Our relaunch coincided with Mixolo's 6-year anniversary on February 14, 2023 (aka Valentine's Day). 


However, every service has costs, particularly starting up. As we break for Phase 2, our fundraising phase, we're asking you to stick with us.


We can't do this without all of you, collectively. Your interest and support adds value to this endeavor!

Join (or rejoin) us now and look for the Mixolo Collective©️ badge and pledge at our member hosts' venues and events.  You'll be glad you came.

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