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Mixolo is a real-life social network. We are building a social community of coactive solo adults, regardless of relationship status, who want to go out and engage and connect with cool people at cool events and experiences.


We want our members to go solo without the stigma.


When you attend our thoughtfully curated events designed to accommodate groups of solos with intersecting interests, you'll be glad you came.




Solo adults often opt out of the activities they enjoy due to social norms that exclude or sideline unaccompanied adults.  


As a result, dining, entertainment and travel hosts may be missing out on opportunities to cultivate solo guests, participants, and patrons.


Many of us navigate solo, personally or professionally, but at the same time understand and embrace the joy of experiencing activities we love with like-minded people.




Mixolo will increase your options for stepping out solo and finding community by matching you with hosts who want to accommodate groups of solos.


You'll be able to choose from chill gatherings, unique culinary and cultural events, sporting and entertainment options, distinctive travel experiences,  immersive skills workshops, and bootcamps.


In the wake of the global pandemic,  Mixolo app was temporarily disabled on the app stores.  Stay tuned for Mixolo, the remix...



Oh hey, Baltimore!   Thanks for being our Beta city.

Mixolo is preparing to relaunch our platform AND expand to other cities.

Hosts, please get in touch and get in early as we plan Mixolo, the remix.  Use our contact form to tell us more about you...

Solos,  wherever you are,  please sign up today and help us build our IRL social network. 








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