Financial Fitness

These are uncertain times we're living in.  Do you feel you need a better handle on your numbers?  Are you worried about your future in our new economy? The following site sites are shared only as a courtesy.  Mixolo cannot endorse any of them but we find each one compelling. 

If you feel you need financial counseling, considering seeking the help of a certified expert.  In the wake of the pandemic, we are all at risk of being misinformed.  Start with verified sites for firsthand information about your options.

Image by William Iven

Originally founded to empower children and young adults with tools to become more financially literate, Ortus Academy has pivoted for the new economy to address the dearth of knowledge in the larger population about how to manage money in a time of crisis, or any time.  Ortus helps its "students" become more aware of how their belief systems affect their behavior when it comes to earning, saving,  investing, and spending money. 

With their #teamhuman effort in response to our current situation, you can access their MoneyTools FREE during this time and take advantage of their live webinars on current, relevant topics.

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The Penny Hoarder is still going strong!  If you haven't visited the original  "financial lifestyle" website in a while,  you may want to pay a visit.  The Penny Hoarder was the first website to bring managing money (before fintech was a buzz word) direct to the consumer.  You can still find relevant and actionable tips you can implement whatever your circumstance.  

They've expanded to cover everything from maintaining a healthy credit score to financing college to launching your side hustle.  Their academy is stocked full of FREE webinars designed to provide you with the tools and resources you to increase your financial intelligence.

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Pragmatic AND practical, MINT is an Intuit company (creator of Quicken/Quickbooks).  MINT automatically categorizes and tracks your income and spending for all of your accounts -  all in one place.  A personal financial statement is available on demand.  

Their  MintLife Blog has dynamic COVID-19 updates covering the Government relief measures.  

MINT is FREE, but there are tradeoffs.  Mint requires access to personal login credentials to the accounts you want to be monitored.