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Become a
Mixolo Collective
Community Partner

and embrace our vibrant community of solo adventurers and solo-friendly experience hosts.


We're on a mission to make "going out" more solo-friendly.

Going out for solo adventurers is more than a night out for dining or entertainment. It may also include travel, unique experiences, or special events, like community festivals.

Our hope is that your business, organization, or city will embrace the idea of a more solo-friendly approach to the planning, marketing, and executing of publicly available events and activities


Creating an ecosystem in your organization and community that also champions the solo guest - and the experience hosts who welcome them - is critical to community building in a healthy society.  Also, attracting more customers, visitors, and users, who may be opting out due to societal stigma (or those pesky upcharges for singles), is a happy outcome for all.


The solo guest, regardless of relationship status, has often been sidelined, or even ignored, with the customer-in, customer-out nature of service providers -  whether they are experience hosts, host venues, or any organization or city that relies on community participation to thrive.

At some point, any of us could be navigating solo, While we are not limiting our solo-friendly listings to single adults, they are moving toward majority status in the world.  In the the past decade, single adults (e.g. never married, divorced, widowed....) have become the majority population in the United States.


We're looking for partners that want to help us embrace this potential guest, visitor, user, customer, enthusiastically as the coupled and grouped.  And. when possible, create an environment where the solo adventurer can easily find community with others who are interested in making new connections over shared interests.

Let Mixolo be your concierge and promote your organization or community as solo-friendly.  We'll list your logo and bio on our Community Partners GO Page with a link to your offerings. In return, we hope you'll proudly promote "The Mixolo Way" in your own network or with your constituency,  members, customers, or users. 

You may also proudly display the Mixolo Collective©️ badge (digital or print). Your solo patrons, constituents, and potential visitors will know that you are committed to providing a welcoming experience, with or without a plus-one.


Community Partners with the Mixolo Collective©️ may  represent:

 Public Benefit Organizations: 

Agencies Dedicated to Arts and Culture 

City/State/National Tourism Organizations

Colleges and Universities

Community Organizations/Foundations

Preservationist/Historical Organizations

Public Libraries

Public Health Organizations

Private membership associations in the following categories:

Arts and Culture

Food and Beverage

Hospitality and Entertainment

Local/Small Businesses




Private businesses and apps/platforms with services that promote inclusive social activities:

Events/Ticketing/Reservation Platforms

Festival Organizers

Friendship and Community Building Apps

IRL Social Networks

"Gamified" Activity Apps 

Travel and Adventure

Wellness Purveyors

Engage with our Mixolo Collective©️ membership of adventurers and hosts by becoming a community partner.  Take the first step and tell us about your organization.

Thanks for submitting! Look for a welcome email from to confirm your registration and the next steps.

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