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Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Theater in the WoodsOutdoor Production in Ellicot Citty

We're ready to welcome new and returning hosts to the:

Mixolo Collective

Grow your guest list. We aim to build mutually beneficial partnerships with solo-friendly hosts ready to provide unique experiences that accommodate groups of solos who may be connecting for the first time.

Proudly display the Mixolo Collective©️ badge (digital or print). Your solo patrons and visitors will know that you are committed to providing a welcoming experience, with or without a plus-one.

Since our relaunch on February 14, 2023 (aka Valentine's Day), we've introduced our inaugural, certified listings of solo-friendly hosts and their offerings on the Mixolo Collective©️ "Go" page.


Initial Hosting Categories

Mixolo solos at American Visionary Art Museum observing art.
Visual and Performing Arts

Hosts: Artists; Visual and Performing Arts Venues and Festivals; Singers/Musicians; Music Venues and Festivals; Film Venues and Festivals; Writers/Poets

Mixolo_Encantada_AVAM_March 2018-65_edited.jpg
Food and  Beverage

Hosts: Restaurants, Private Chefs/Caterers, Non-alcoholic Beverage, Beer, Wine, and Spirits Makers/Purveyors; Food Trucks; Food Festivals/Events; Cooking Schools 

Tours, Excursions, and Outdoor Adventures

Hosts: Museums; Historical and Architectural Societies; Food and Culture Tours; Outdoor Adventure Groups/Guides; Experienced Hobbyists; Sports Organizations; Travel Organizations

Tai Chi
Experiential Learning, Wellness 

Hosts: Technologists; Scientists or Science Groups; Body and Mind Wellness Experts and Studios; other immersive group learning experiences.

Community Action, Volunteering, and Giving

Hosts: Community-building, public health, and educational non-profit organizationns; select community /government-funded organizations for public benefit (e.g. libraries, city/state tourism bureaus, community foundations, and development groups).

Grow our collective by getting on the list. 
We'll partner with you to create and promote memorable experiences that “fill your seats” and result in loyal relationships with our ready-to-go-out solos.


If you're new to Mixolo, help us by telling us who you are and where you are. If you're already on the list, please re-register with more details to help us serve you better.

How would you categorize your organization or offerings? Check all applicable)
Please select any accommodation that may apply.

Thanks for submitting! Look for a welcome email from to confirm your subscription.

Our collective community culture:


The Mixolo Collective©️is not a dating or social media platform.. We are a real-life social network with the lofty goal of using technology to increase in-person human interaction.

We welcome self-determined adults over 18* years of age, regardless of relationship status, who want to get out and do what they love, with or without a plus-one.

We aim to match our adventurer members to established hosts and venues ready to accommodate unaccompanied guests for a shared experience. 


We will actively promote hosts that encourage inclusive practices and respectful engagement between all members of the Mixolo Collective©️.

The Mixolo Way©️: 

When our solo adventurers are looking for a shared, experience, hosts members of the Mixolo Collective©️ will do their best to help you connect them to like-minded guests by arranging one or more of the following accommodations before or upon their arrival: 


  • A designated public (or semi-private) gathering space 


  •  Community seating arrangements 


  • Curated, inclusive solo-friendly events/experience



At this time, for the comfort of our solo adventurers, Mixolo will promote member hosts to whose physical addresses are searchable and are considered public spaces.

Creators and experience hosts who do not have a definitive address for physical space must have a searchable public footprint on the web or social media..

Events and experiences must generally be open to the public.

*There may be restrictions for certain events and levels of participation that require a higher minimum age and proof thereof.   Additionally, The Mixolo Collective cannot extend membership to persons who have active criminal warrants.

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