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When you're ready to go out on your own, together, let us be your go to:

Mixolo Collective©️ Go List

We've got experiences. Visit our active GO lists:

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Fine Dining*

Volunteering and Giving*

Wine, Beer, and Spirits*

*Some links are in progress, and more are coming soon.  Stick with us.  

Initial Experience Categories

Mixolo solos at American Visionary Art Museum observing art.
Visual and Performing Arts

Hosts: Artists; Visual and Performing Arts Venues and Festivals; Singers/Musicians; Music Venues and Festivals; Film Venues and Festivals; Writers/Poets

Mixolo_Encantada_AVAM_March 2018-65_edited.jpg
Food and Beverage

Hosts: Restaurants, Private Chefs/Caterers, Non-alcoholic Beverage, Beer, Wine, and Spirits Makers/Purveyors; Food Trucks; Food Festivals/Events; Cooking Schools 

Tours, Excursions, and Outdoor Adventures

Hosts: Museums; Historical and Architectural Societies; Food and Culture Tours; Outdoor Adventure Groups/Guides; Experienced Hobbyists; Sports Organizations; Travel Organizations

Tai Chi
Experiential Learning, Wellness 

Hosts: Technologists; Scientists or Science Groups; Body and Mind Wellness Experts and Studios; other immersive group learning experiences.

Community Action, Volunteering, and Giving

Hosts: Community-building, public health, and educational non-profit organizationns; select community /government-funded organizations for public benefit (e.g. libraries, city/state tourism bureaus, community foundations, and development groups).

Join the Mixolo Collective©️. You'll be glad you came.

Oh, the places we've gone. 

Enjoy our tribute photos to many of our early adopter members and hosts until we fill this page with new solo-friendly fun. 100% of Mixolo's photo content is IRL.

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