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When you're ready to go out on your own, together, let us be your go-to:

Mixolo Collective©️ Go List

We've got experiences. Visit our active GO lists:

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*Some links are in progress, and more are coming soon.  Stick with us.  

Guide to Accessibility Icons for Hosts

Wheelchair accessible Icon.png

Wheelchair Accesssible

Low VisionBlindness Accommodations Icon.png

Accommodations for Low Vision, Blindness

DeafHard of hearing Accommodations Icon.png

Accommodations for Deaf/Hard-of-hearing

Initial Experience Categories

Mixolo solos at American Visionary Art Museum observing art.
Visual and Performing Arts

Hosts: Artists; Visual and Performing Arts Venues and Festivals; Singers/Musicians; Music Venues and Festivals; Film Venues and Festivals; Writers/Poets

Mixolo_Encantada_AVAM_March 2018-65_edited.jpg
Food and Beverage

Hosts: Restaurants, Private Chefs/Caterers, Non-alcoholic Beverage, Beer, Wine, and Spirits Makers/Purveyors; Food Trucks; Food Festivals/Events; Cooking Schools 

Tours, Excursions, and Outdoor Adventures

Hosts: Museums; Historical and Architectural Societies; Food and Culture Tours; Outdoor Adventure Groups/Guides; Experienced Hobbyists; Sports Organizations; Travel Organizations

Tai Chi
Experiential Learning, Wellness 

Hosts: Technologists; Scientists or Science Groups; Body and Mind Wellness Experts and Studios; other immersive group learning experiences.

Community Action, Volunteering, and Giving

Hosts: Community-building, public health, and educational non-profit organizationns; select community /government-funded organizations for public benefit (e.g. libraries, city/state tourism bureaus, community foundations, and development groups).

Join the Mixolo Collective©️. You'll be glad you came.

Oh, the places we've gone. 

Enjoy our tribute photos to many of our early adopter members and hosts until we fill this page with new solo-friendly fun. 100% of Mixolo's photo content is IRL.

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