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We're excited to welcome TasteWise Kids, our first volunteering and giving organization, and returning Mixolo host! 

During our Beta, their legendary "Farm to Chef" annual fundraiser, pairing local farmers with local chefs to create delectable tasting dishes from the freshest, local ingredients, was one of the "going out" highlights of the year. Many of the chefs and farmers who participate are already volunteering in this "food literacy" organization. They've fine-tuned this epic event, now called "Flavors of Maryland."

We want to go further and be a more present force for the continuance of this impactful organization throughout the year.


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TasteWise Kids (TWK) is a Baltimore City non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to
teaching food literacy skills & empowering kids to build healthy eating habits.

● They run hands-on programs for kids both in schools and in the community. Their programming
includes Days of Taste, TWKatHome, Food Story Times, and pop-up events around town.

● They proudly serve over 3,000 kids and families a year in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford
County, and Howard County.

● 83% of students in the programs try a new fruit or vegetable during their "Days of Taste" program.

● 800+ families cooked together with one of their take-home salad kits.

 Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers with a variety of experiences and backgrounds who share their talents and times are vital to the success of TasteWise Kids' mission.  You may simply be a lover of food, and whole foods, and want to work with Baltimore area kids and their families.

Areas of service include:

Programming:  Directly engage with students to support delivery of their programming.

Events and Outreach: Support special events, including their annual fundraiser, and opportunities that support the growth, funding, and expansion of the organization.

Skill-based– Provide logistical and organizational support to TWK staff in such areas as communications, social media, organizational/office skills, research, and database support.

TasteWise Kids appreciates every volunteering and giving effort to help them succeed in their mission, and will adapt to the interests, needs. and availability of individual volunteer applicants.

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Annual Fundraiser



SundayOctober 16, 2023

This is a culinary experience not to be missed. The evening showcases Baltimore chefs and farmers in a celebration of the foodways of Maryland. In addition to offering deliciously prepared foods and locally crafted beverages, TasteWise Kids will also be hosting a conversation with nationally renowned celebrity food professionals. Plan to come out on Sunday, October 16, 2023, with or without a plus=one, for conversation, food, and fun. 


Their two featured guess this year.

Kenny Gilbert is a nationally recognized chef who starred on Season 7 of Top Chef and takes innovative and creative approach to the restaurant and hospitality industries. His new cookbook, Southern Flavors, Global Flavors is coming out this spring.

Irena Stein has made a name for herself in Baltimore and beyond. Her current restaurant, Alma Cocina Latina, is a must-eat spot and the first to bring contemporary and imaginative Venezuelan cuisine to the United States. Her new cookbook, Arepa - Classic and Contemporary Recipes for Venezuela’s Daily Bread, is coming out this spring. 


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