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Please review and accept our hosting standards and activate your free membership in the Mixolo Collective©️.

Mixolo wants to partner with you:


We aim to build mutually beneficial partnerships with solo-friendly event hosts and venues ready to provide unique experiences that accommodate groups of solos who may be connecting for the first time.


Think of the Mixolo Collective©️ as an opportunity to entertain and endear your “new” targeted customer base to increase patronage and other business development opportunities.

We’ll feature your events and experiences on MIxolo Collective:©️ "Go" page list whenever you're ready to host solo-friendly experiences, promote special ticketing and/or designated seating opportunities, or set aside special days or nights for solo adventurers.

Events and experiences may be ongoing, or specifically curated for the Mixolo experience.

We look for partners who are excited to foster opportunities for new friendships among all Mixolo Collective©️ members, hosts and solo adventurers alike.

A photo of Mixolo host V-NO Wine and Bar at night

Event host qualifications:


Any person or business can host an event provided they are a legally operating entity. Sole proprietorships may host an event if they are registered with their home state and/or have a verifiable, public digital footprint (web/mobile site or app, social media, online reviews).

Mixolo reserves the right to refuse hosts who may not be appropriate for our members. People or entities with active criminal warrants will be barred from Mixolo Collective©️ membership. At this time, we are limiting our events listings to those organized and originating in the US. Foreign travel that originates in the US may be listed.

Phase I – Build the Mixolo Collective©️ membership:


For Phase I of our relaunch, Mixolo will not collect fees or require paid subscriptions. Our ready-to-go-out solos  will simply click through the Mixolo Collective©️ "G0" events listings to your designated web/ticketing page, or social media links for more information and/or registration.

In the future, the Mixolo Collective©️ may offer subscription or fee options, however, there will be a free level of participation indefinitely.  We are not just a business, but a movement, making the world more solo-friendly.

A major benefit to our host members will be the information Mixolo Collective©️ adventurer members provide when they become new customers and patrons, sign-up for your ticketed events, subscribe to your website, blog, newsletters, website, or follow you on social media.  We ask that you follow privacy and legal protocols with their personal information.

Our philosophy of inclusion:


We encourage inclusive practices that result in meaningful connections and respectful engagement among our members and hosts.

Some events and experiences may naturally attract specific members/patrons, but no Mixolo Collective©️ promoted event by a member host establishment may designate physical, gender ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, or political attributes as a precursor to participation.

Age may only be addressed in context with our 18 and over membership requirement and in accordance with any legal age restrictions (e.g., 21 and over) on participation.

Our philosophy of inclusion is essential to a successful Mixolo experience, and we believe a more connected world.


Your Mixolo Collective©️ event or experience:


We expect that our member event hosts will want to create and promote memorable experiences that “fill their seats” AND result in loyal relationships with fellow adventure members.

We are looking to disrupt the practice of customer in and customer out. Our members want to step out solo, regardless of relationship status, and find fulfillment in the pursuit of their passions.  We ask that you to find creative ways to engage with them and make that happen. They will return to you, hopefully with Mixolo, but also, on their own, if you WOW them.

When your fellow MIxolo Collective©️ adventurer members arrive at your event,  they may be meeting for the first time. They will want to connect with each other and engage with you, the host, as well.  

We’ll also ask that you display the Mixolo Collective©️ badge and/or The Mixolo Way©️ pledge, digitally and/or in print in a visible area, for the comfort of the adventurers that we refer to you.  You’ll find even your regular patrons will want to know more.



Ticketed events in Phase I:


For ticketed events that we promote for our host members on the Mixolo Collective©️ "Go" list,  we will ask for feedback regarding the collective adventurer members that attend. Before we list the event, we'll require at least one of two actions:

Provide a link that can record traffic from the Mixolo Collective©️ Go events listing page to your website or event page.


For your Mixolo Collective©️ event listing, provide Mixolo with a special promotional code for Mixolo Collective©️ adventurers to be used in the ticket buying process when they click through your event page. This will serve as an identifier for these attendees for your event organizer. 

Promotional codes should be simple.  "MIXOLO" is a good start.  A discount component to the code is always encouraged, but never required.


At a minimum, we will expect a listing of the email addresses of members that successfully booked as a result of the Mixolo Collective listing.  We can then cross-reference the list with our subscribed adventurer members list only, and gauge the successful referrals. This will also allow members to rate their experiences and provide testimonials.

As the Mixolo Collective©️ grows, we will expand the technology to support a more seamless way of sharing information that benefits the entire collective membership.


Let’s get started and grow together!

Please acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the above hosting guidelines, as well as your understanding and acceptance of the host terms and conditons, the general terms and conditions for all site users and members, and our privacy policy Please use the same first name, last name and email you used to subscribe to the Mixolo Collective©️ site. Indicate your agreement, then click on submit.

Thank you. We'll be in touch to get you started on showcasing your great ideas!

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