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Mix + solo => Mixolo

Mixolo.  Go solo.

Solo:  Any self-determined individual who, at any given time, may be navigating the word unaccompanied, regardless of relationship status.

No need to opt out of the things you love to do and the places you want to go.  Expand and diversify your community by connecting with other groups of solos whose interests may intersect with your own.

We are NOT a dating or social media app. 

We are an app for solo adults who are interested in widening their  "real-life" social network and disrupting the stigma of going out alone.

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Mixolo offers a free membership, and it's easy to join us.  We welcome adults over 18* years of age, regardless of relationship status, who are self-determined and want to get out and do what they love.


Mixolo makes it easy for you to connect with members of our community of solos with shared and intersecting interests.


We are not a dating or social media app.  We are a real-life social network using technology to increase in-person human interaction.


We promote diversity, inclusion and expansion of our members' social community by keeping your "profile" private. No likes or swipes.  Our members will connect based on shared interests, reducing inherent biases that might prevent them from making potentially fulfilling connections.


Mixolo has released version 1.0 of our mobile app for our members on Google Play and the Apple stores.  You will be able to build a profile and tailor and search the events you desire.    Profiles will remain private.  


We're excited about MIXCHAT an "opt-in" messaging platform in the app for connecting with members (who have also opted in)  AFTER you have attended an event.  Our hope is that you can build on the potentially rewarding new relationships with Mixolo members and attend future Mixolo events with your expanding community.


Get out.  Get social.  No plus-one required.


*There may be restrictions for certain events and levels of participation that require a higher minimum age and proof thereof.   Additionally,  Mixolo will not extend membership to persons who have active criminal warrants.

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Some might pause at the thought of engaging with a group of strangers socially.  We say:  take the leap.


Do you go to networking and professional events solo?


Do you use ride-share apps?


Do you sometimes rely on home and room-sharing apps when you travel?


Chances are you said "Yes"  to at least one of those questions.   So, how to engage with strangers for the first time?  We want to offer up some humble advice:


"Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:  At the first gate, ask yourself,  "Is it true?"  At the second gate,  ask, "Is it necessary?"  At the third gate ask, "Is it kind?"    - S.W.M . (some wise philosopher)


At Mixolo, we want you to take this journey with us as we build a culture around conscious and respectful engagement with people you may not otherwise meet who share your interests.  You'll be glad you came.

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