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Our Mission:

Promote and preserve the benefits of going out, doing what we love and making satisfying human connections when we do.

Our Vision

Mixolo’s IRL (in real life) social network will welcome unaccompanied adults, regardless of relationship status,  ready to expand their community and share experiences with other like-minded individuals.


We will build mutually-beneficial partnerships with solo-friendly event hosts and venues ready to provide unique experiences that accommodate groups of solos who may be connecting for the first time.

Our Values

Listen to - and anticipate -  the needs and desires of our members and curate experiences that they will attend and enjoy.


Celebrate and promote our members as desirable participants, spectators, patrons and customers.


Cultivate an organization that reflects our mission of promoting connections and engagement that enrich and expand our sense of community.


Partner with our hosts to help them create and promote memorable experiences that “fill their seats” and result in loyal relationships with our members.


Encourage inclusive practices that result in meaningful connections and respectful engagement among our members and hosts.


Deploy continuously improving business processes and technology solutions that enhance the Mixolo experience.

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