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Survey says, "Go. Play."

Updated: Feb 17

We're all adults here. Do we really need to be told to take time to play? At Mixolo, we work for fun. We asked our early adopters what they want to do and they told us.

As of today, Mixolo is quickly approaching 250 subscribers and growing in the Baltimore/Washington area and apparently, beyond. More than 80% of our subscribers have taken our survey and shared what they want to do for fun...with others.

The top three areas of interest:

81% - Arts and culture

77% - Food exploration and culinary arts

69% - Museums and historical landmarks

These broad categories encompass many other specific areas of interest our survey takers chose that are consistent with the top three.

One particularly notable choice was Volunteering and giving - 57% expressed interest in giving activities with Mixolo. Most of us enjoy altruistic pursuits in some capacity, however, our human intelligence is telling us that many of our early adopters want to share their interests with other like-minded enthusiasts.

With that in mind, and in the absence of machine intelligence while in our pre-app mode, we are bringing an event in October that will feed the need for fun in all of the above-mentioned categories. Imagine an event at a historical landmark, featuring the Baltimore region's top chefs, farms and mixologists feeding the good food(ie) soul AND making it possible for others with limited access to good food to learn to feed themselves and their posterity well. Subscribe now, if you haven't already, to ensure you don't miss our announcements for this and other pre-app events.

NO worries. We're not stopping at the top three or four choices. Click here to view results from all of the interest categories.

We're thrilled that so many of our early adopters have already come out to play! Our Mixolo experiences have been delightful and eye-opening. Our members want to go out and they love getting to know people they may not otherwise meet. Our event hosts have embraced Mixolo and they want to see us again! We're not a dating app, but ready-to-go-out groups of solos and ready-to-host venues seem to be the perfect match.

Photos from a few of our Beta events tell another "data story" that is genuine and we don't think it's anecdotal. Kind, adventurous and curious people are drawn to Mixolo. We're so glad they came - and came back. In these early stages, we are committed to featuring 75% of our photos on our site from real Mixolo encounters.

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