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No, Mixolo is not a dating app. In fact, we are not yet a functioning app.

When we debut our social networking app next year, Mixolo wants to increase our members’ options for doing what they love unaccompanied, but with others who want to share the experience with them. They won’t need a plus-one because we’ll help them find their plus-some.

We are not a meetup. We are a building a social community of self-determined adults, solos, who want to GO OUT and have fun, without stigma (imagined or real).

With Mixolo, solos won’t have to think about opting out of stepping out on their own to that opera in Prague, trekking solo to the Bronx for a 90s hip hop festival, taking in an All-Star game for that sport they love, attending the SXSW opening night party in Austin, or joining in on a gentle hike through one of our National Parks. They can go solo with Mixolo and find their tribe(s).

We'll be matching our members to event hosts who want to populate our app’s marketplace of solo-friendly events and fill their seats with this oft-sidelined group of patrons.

Since late March, we’ve been testing this concept of strangers likely meeting for the first time to do something fun - together - at a time when it is evident our nation is struggling to find common ground.

"It was great! I loved getting to meet people I normally wouldn't otherwise."

- E.M., Mixolo Early Adopter

With Mixolo we think common ground can be found when we choose fun. The idea of fun is relative and personal, but there is no doubt, when we are flowing in doing that thing that brings us joy, we’re better.

When we are engaged in joyful activities, even with perceived enemies, bonds can be made. People are a lot less scary when we discover they may share our “unique” love of some obscure artist or indie rock group.

In the wake of the recent tragedies and the level of anger that is manifesting in terrible acts of violence, the pursuit of fun and community may seem frivolous, perhaps even unattainable.

Our hearts are heavy. Fun with others is increasingly restrictive, selective and more than often, “virtual.” Virtual networks were meant to complement, not replace human connection. They were also meant to connect us, not divide us.

It’s tough to be angry when someone makes us laugh or simply offers us respect and acceptance - in person. We think it is easier to really see other people, first as humans, when we leave our screens, biases, and armor of pride, or anger, behind. Kumbaya? Nah. More fun. For all.

We’ve taken a pledge to favor genuine images from our IRL (in real life) Mixolo community to reflect what it means to connect first as humans and where our interests intersect. No advance peek at profiles. No likes or swipes. Just joyful, unexpected connections. It seems we are better together.

Our early adopter members have expressed unanimous delight at the welcoming and respectful engagement they experience with other solos and our early adopter hosts.

We can’t take all the credit. Our early adopters were likely already open to seeing new people. And our gracious event hosts have enthusiastically embraced the idea of creating inclusive, solo-friendly experiences for our groups of solos.

We’re a startup, not a tech giant with uber creds (pun) issuing an editorial in the Wall Street Journal on humanity, empathy and inclusion. We weren’t really sure how to write this blog entry to ensure we don’t come off as shameless pluggers during difficult times, but we believe we have stumbled across something with MIxolo.

No doubt, there is a valuable business proposition here as well. We are building Mixolo, the real, with clear intentions. We work for fun. We want to help our members see other people. We’ll leave out the things that typically divide us in our members’ profiles in our app. We believe doing what we love and expanding our community based on shared interests will bring out the joy in all of us, no matter our mindset.

As we respectfully mourn those who lost their lives at home and abroad this past week and offer sincere condolences to their loved ones as they try to make sense of it all, we will continue to hope for better as we take it upon ourselves to try to be better.

Click through to see our just published Mission, Vision and Values statements. We’re getting there.

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