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Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Most Texas stories can be told in the context of of the "great equalizers."

We want to extend our best wishes for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Many of us, in and out of Texas, are impacted in varying degrees by the devastating storm. "Texas strong" has taken on a new meaning.

Hear us out. We promise we won’t ask you to “donate now.”

Often we tout that such life-altering occurrences can be a uniting force and we are hopeful that the acts of humanity we witness can be extended to our everyday lives. The images of people coming together, strangers equalized by an act of nature, give us hope; however, we cannot overlook the tragic loss of life, still unfolding. Nor can we anticipate, without some trepidation, the long road ahead to healing and rebuilding.

As we build Mixolo, we are formulating policies that define and direct our corporate citizenship, as we see it, not just to our customers and stakeholders, but to the world around us.

In the aftermath of a particularly difficult August for humanity, here and abroad, and certainly more inevitable challenges ahead, we want to focus not only on causes for alleviating the impact of disaster, but the prevention of human suffering, investing in initiatives that involve preparedness and community building.

We want our mission and vision to be in alignment with our corporate contribution to the world. If we can come together when we are hurting, we can come together, by choice, in celebrating of the joys of life, also inevitable and available to us.

As we prepare to officially launch Mixolo, many of our events, like the upcoming “pre-app” Farm to Chef Maryland event, will reflect layers of human connection, giving to a preventive cause and community building. The beneficiary of the Farm to Chef culinary event, the TasteWise Kids' Days of Taste program, is disrupting the need to build organizations around cures for debilitating, preventable diseases caused by poor nutrition. The choice of healthy eating and better health becomes available to children and their posterity.

At Mixolo, the startup with big dreams, we want to be who we are in business and IRL (in real life). We are aspiring to the be THE social network that connects us in our pursuit of enjoyable, fulfilling experiences and expands our sense of community. We can be strong together.

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