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Enter stage right(eous)

We can't wait to congregate at Baltimore's Center Stage, yet another enthusiastic early adopter event host partner for Mixolo.

Imagine this... As the lights come on, we find ourselves in a mega-church. The spirited choir sways and claps, singing joyfully under pulsing colored lights as scripture flashes on the jumbotron. Preachers enter like rock stars to raucous ovation.

Photo: Courtesy of Center Stage. Three "made in Baltimore" choirs are featured in this season's production of the Christians.

Except we’re not in a stadium-sized place of worship. We’re part of an intimate audience at Center Stage, Baltimore’s premiere regional theater, and we’ve been folded into this congregation by playwright Lucas Hnath, whose Doll’s House Part 2 won the 2017 Tony for best play, and is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway.

Hnath’s play, The Christians, keeps our minds whirring for the next 90 minutes, and sparks thoughts and conversation long after the actors have left the stage. It’s the kind of play you want to chew on. Explore. Discuss.

With your Mixolo tribe, this is what good theater can feel like. And remember, you don't need a plus-one. Join Mixolo and find your plus-some.

Did we spark your interest? Sorry, not sorry, for the tease. While we won't be launching our partnership with Center Stage, for their season opener, The Christians, this compelling drama now playing at Baltimore's preeminent professional theater company,* Mixolo will be working with Center Stage to bring our members into the fold, for other equally captivating productions in the 2017/18 season lineup.

With Mixolo, we'll enjoy a clever romp with Alice in Wonderland, the romance of Shakespeare in Love, and the timely metaphor of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. All that and an original work by the theater's bold and accomplished artistic director, Kwame Kwei-Armah, and the innovative Play Lab will give you plenty to talk about.

Mixolo and Center Stage are a good fit. “The theater has always been a great place to meet new people and to discuss interesting and challenging ideas,” says Cheryl Williams, interim director of marketing at the theater. “Center Stage looks forward to welcoming Mixolo members!”

Stay tuned for more information on the Mixolo-Center Stage partnership!

*Reject FOMO. You can still see this wonderful production of The Christians without Mixolo at Center Stage through October 8th. However, if you are interested in joining a group of other Mixolo members who are mildly incensed by our tease, email us at If there is sufficient demand to arrange group price access for Mixolo, we'd love to be your "concierge" for the October 6th performance. Tickets are going fast!

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