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We’re all creative beings. For some of us, fitting into a corporate and hierarchical setting can stifle our maker spirit. Deference is often given to “white collar” pursuits and bigness rather than the creative arts when it comes to inventions and creations that benefit society. Before innovation was a buzzword, it was reserved for "outsiders."

We’re excited to introduce a new early adopter host partner, Creative Labs, easily Baltimore’s coolest maker and event space. Without a wealthy sponsoring patron the artist, AKA maker, has often been relegated to a life outside of the mainstream, but Creative Labs is deftly re-establishing the maker as a critical part of the creative economy.

With a business model that is cooperative AND enterprising, Founders, Michael Metclalf, and Richard Best, envisioned Creative Labs as an incubator for artists of different experiences and diverse skills. CL provides creative work spaces for disciplines ranging from woodworking to photography. This year, Alicia Mozina, founder of the Empowered Women’s Network, joined Creative Labs as a partner and collaborator.

When you enter the labs, much of the physical space is an expression of art created by artist Michael Metcalf, a recycling artist with a number of acclaimed large site-specific works nationally. Alicia and Michael have collaborated for several years on events and his installations. You can find painter Richard Best’s compelling art on display on the creative “walls” Michael built.

The Creative Labs environment was designed to encourage innovation. Their events and experiences for non-residents include immersive workshops in almost any art form, not to mention transformative personal enrichment forums led by Alicia Mozina and dynamic partner consultants, like Active Excursions, the adventure maker, already a Mixolo event host (see blog post "We are all adventurers...").

You can count on Mixolo providing a new way to explore your inner maker with rich cultural experiences in our Do-it-yourself - and also with others - events.

Stay tuned.

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