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What's 'appening?

About that app...

At Mixolo, we're digesting our share of the idiomatic humble pie, containing traces of crow, but we continue to thrive on persistence, gratitude and crazy optimism.

At last report, we mentioned that the outsourcing of the Mixolo app development generated less than desirable results. Our hopes of having our platform released by late Fall 2017 were not dashed but definitely delayed. We gained “custody” of all of our IP (intellectual property) by Thanksgiving day and we are hard at work on remixing the dream.

The development is in-house right now and we are anticipating a launch of the Mixolo 1.0 platform in Spring 2018. We're still a skeleton team, but we've got strong bones.

We want you to know that we appreciate our early adopter members and hosts for believing in Mixolo. Thank you for your curiosity and your courage.

We are certain that many people hold back on solo adventures because they might prefer to share the experience with someone else. Unfortunately, there are some that feel discomfort in their desire to venture outside of their inner circle and explore new interests or simply do the things they really want to do.

We are not advocating eschewing values or bonds with friends or family. Nor are we dismissing the benefits of "me-time." We are a solo-friendly social network and we aim to be your concierge for fun when you're ready to go out on your own. Consider Mixolo events and experiences me-time, only with others.

We ARE dismissing shame and disrupting any stigma around the lone patron. Self-determination is a close second to accountability on our list of most powerful words that, when acted on, yield the best results.

Our appeal to our hosts: “Solos want to go out and they want to fill your seats.” Initially, as we build, we may not fill every event, but we are in the midst of a cultural shift as our hosts make a deliberate choice to welcome their unaccompanied guests in a new way.