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The Power of Solo

Updated: Feb 14

In the past few years, single people – those who are not married, affianced or cohabitating – have captured the attention of researchers. But in a reversal of the narrative of the unhappy loner, these studies have shown that America’s nearly 110 million singles aged 18 and over have more friends, stronger social networks and are more helpful to their neighbors and relatives.

It seems that being on your own is anything but lonely. So why the stigma around singlehood?

At Mixolo, we embrace the changing narrative and want to do one better: We’d like to shift the language itself. Picture a jazz ensemble or an orchestra, comprising so many single instruments coming together in harmony. If any one of these players stepped out for a solo, we’d applaud their contribution–rather than pitying their moment alone in the spotlight.

Every Mixolo member is a shining soloist and we invite you to join our ensemble. We define solos as self-determined adults. When we are out in the world, we make our own decisions, professionally and personally, regardless of our relationship status.

Mixolo members may find themselves unaccompanied for whatever reason. Those with partners may have a mate who prefers baseball to opera or doesn’t like to hike. If that’s the case, there’s no reason to take a pass on Puccini or stay at home on that crisp autumn afternoon.

We’ll offer plenty of options, from theater outings to sporting events to summer’s hottest music festivals, and promise that you can enjoy these experiences with like-minded people. That’s what we’re all about.

To Mixolo, solo is stepping out on your own, enthusiastic about joining others to do the things you love. We’re not a dating site, but a place where you can find your ensemble. Rather than offering a plus-one, we’re here to help you find your “plus some.”

Click here and become part of the Mixolo movement. We know you’ll like our tune.

Mixolo. Go solo.

Note: All photos (except the GIF) reflect real-life events and members who have contributed to the magic of Mixolo.

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