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To you, with "fun" love from Carolyn, Mixolo founder

Happy Valentine’s Day!

First, let's examine a few of the many splendors of love (in no particular order of importance) on this day of love (a.k.a. February 14):

Romantic love

Familial love

Friendship love

Actual puppy love

Cat love

Or any “vice” love (no judgment)


Fun love

We're feeling the “fun love“ today, from our amazing early adopter members and hosts, on our 1st anniversary of the beautiful social experiment we call Mixolo.

mixolo early logo

An early version of the Mixolo logo...just for you.

I launched Mixolo after an unfortunate personal decision I made to opt out of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a rarely performed opera because I really wanted to experience it with other enthusiasts.

mixolo founder carolyn lynch in front of theater

That' s me arriving early to prepare for our event with first-time-host , Baltimore Center Stage.

It was a major 4-night commitment to get through the total 12 hours+ production of the Ring Cycle by Richard Wagner. Perhaps being German-born myself exposed me to this often dark, genius composer, but that opera had been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember having such a list.

In a serendipitous encounter with a Baltimore banker whose “vice” (in the positive sense) was singing opera, and had coincidentally been a part of that particular Ring production, I learned that there were a few people who had opted in on the ambitious production on their own and ultimately “found their tribe.”

Those die-hard Wagner fans not only connected with each other, calling themselves “Ringheads,” but also with the cast. Ex-strangers, new connections… They connected first where their interests intersected, rather than retreat to their more comfortable and potentially limiting community. Tribalism can be healthy in a number of ways I won't ponder here. I'll get to the point!

I sat on my regret for a short while. I canvassed my friends and family, still slightly annoyed that none of them were remotely interested in the production, and asked if they, too, occasionally made decisions to forego their fun when they are on their own. And was it because they might have felt that the experience would be richer if they could share it with someone else?

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, I threw a “virtual launch party” with a splash page and a Facebook post in my inner circle and something happened. People signed up with no product. No events. And I had no plan in mind. I felt the love - the love and yearning for fun without sigma, and I decided to give it back with Mixolo.

We all venture out on our own from time to time, regardless of relationship status. It can be tough on a day like today where venues and marketers are targeting the romantic lovers and the unattached, or unaccompanied, don’t necessarily want to stay in. Why should they? We want to change that. You are invited and always welcome with Mixolo. Plus-ones are welcome, too, but not required.

Take a look at what we’re doing right now. What we’ve done. Join us. The event ideas are endless, but our team is not - yet - so bear with us as we grow. We have so many great events in the pipeline! We'll be expanding to sports and travel events this spring and summer. We're headed to the DC area as early as April.

The more you come, the more hosts we can bring on board and the more we can offer you. We can’t do it without you. Thanks to those who have shown up for love! Fun love from Mixolo.

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