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Mixolo solos get schooled by host, Chef Egg, in the art of Mexican cooking

With mangos, avocados and bunches of cilantro laying uncut on tables in front of them, Mixolo members raise their hands, curve their fingers, and “roar” like a bear, as instructed by the energetic man in a white chef coat in front of them at Blue Moon Too in the bustling Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore Art of Mexican cooking by master (and mobile ) Chef Egg,

Holding fruits and vegetables with a “bear claw” while slicing with a “dolphin diving” motion is one of the most important techniques to learn for safely and effectively cutting food, according to Chef Egg, one of Mixolo’s newest hosts.

This May, Chef Egg led a group of Mixolo solos in a Mexican cooking class, where the group made fish tacos, mango salsa, guacamole and flour tortillas from scratch—without injury, thanks to practicing professional knife skills.

Animal references are just one aspect of why Chef Egg’s cooking classes are so much fun. The Columbia-born, Baltimore-based mobile chef has been leading classes for everyone from soldiers to second-graders (to solos) for more than a decade. He’s more than a chef during his classes. He’s a comedian and entertainer who treats everyone like an old friend.

Mixolo actively seeks out hosts who embrace our community of solos. When people step out on their own for new experiences, Mixolo offers a way to for them to connect and engage with other unaccompanied guests with fun, interactive and enriching activities. Our members arrive as strangers, likely meeting for the first time, but they leave with new, meaningful connections.

The team atmosphere of Chef Egg’s cooking class makes it easy to get to know other people at your table. At May’s event, one table of three entrepreneurs, a roller coaster engineer and an IT professional who did not know each other before the event bonded over mashing avocados and the divisiveness of cilantro. Is it soapy, or flavorful? The group made one bowl of guacamole with it and one without to satisfy all tastes.

Chef Egg’s classes work for everyone—there’s flexibility to suit your own comfort level and taste. Mixolo is looking forward to more opportunities for members to practice their bear claw and learn new exciting recipes from the dynamic chef.

Enjoy more photos from our first event with Chef egg in our gallery. We'll be partnering on more solo-friendly events with Chef Egg this summer. Find out more about this dynamic chef here:

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