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Disruption is the new comfort zone.

Announcing our first "Mixitup" indie offering. More to come...


"The coolest things in life are things that you have not done before. That's the key to life: new things always.”

Pretty heady quote from a Dutch DJ who calls himself Afrojack.

At Mixolo, we fancy ourselves "disruptors," this millennium's moniker for innovators. Wait. What disruptor uses the word fancy?? Our point: We’re bringing you new things.

We want to introduce our “Mixitup” indie events where we partner with exceptional independent talent and exciting experimental venues.

We want to bring you the best and, as always, we want you to step outside your comfort zone into your adventure zone where you can find Mixolo waiting for you with cool experiences. We’re headed to the future this time and apparently, there's a soundtrack. Without further adieu...

New Mixolo host, Afro House, is a music driven performance art house, founded and launched in 2011 by Scott and Alisha Patterson. Since introducing their Afro House Concert Series in 2017 showcasing Baltimore’s dynamic makers, from musicians, to local food and beverage entrepreneurs, to tech innovators, they have garnered acclaim, recently recognized as a noteworthy concert series by Baltimore magazine.