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Taking a Bite of Baltimore one neighborhood at a time

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

New Mixolo Partner, Bite of Baltimore, Offers a Delicious History of Charm City’s Remarkable Neighborhoods

Bite of Baltimore is a perfect Mixolo host because they offer the same opportunities as Baltimore’s premier solo event organizer—the chance to connect with others with similar interests and engage in a truly unique experience.

Bite of Baltimore founders and married couple Zack and Jenny Greene have created a neighborhood food tour that doesn’t just give you a taste of several Baltimore and Maryland dishes, but also deepens your knowledge and appreciation of the history of where you’re noshing. The couple have transformed their passion for history and food into one of the only locally grown food tours in Baltimore, which has been focused on the historic harbor neighborhood of Fell’s Point for the year and a half Bite of Baltimore has been in operation.

This summer, Bite of Baltimore is expanding to the beautiful cultural district of Mount Vernon, and Mixolo has hot tickets to culinary experiences in both historic neighborhoods. Join Mixolo on Bite of Baltimore’s Fell’s Point tour on Sunday, July 29, for a partner event, which is also open to the public through Bite of Baltimore’s reservations; or take advantage of the Mixolo-exclusive culinary tour of Mount Vernon on Sunday, August 12. Or sign up for both! Mixolo is excited to welcome Bite of Baltimore as a partner and is planning to offer several more events with the tour company.

Bite of Baltimore cofounder Zack, 36, is an IT consultant by day who for the last 10 years has spent his weekends and free time as a tour guide for various groups in Baltimore and then as the founder of Bite of Baltimore. The Baltimore County native is passionate about his hometown and sharing his love of its stories and its food with others.

“I’ve always had a much more social side and this really spoke to me as a great side job. It’s been a really big part of my life,” Zack says. Unlike other food tours in Baltimore, Bite of Baltimore is completely curated by locals, according to Zack. “We took our knowledge and curated a very specific tour,” he says. “We have quintessential Baltimore and Maryland food on the Fell’s Point tour. Because it’s the old harbor of Baltimore, Fell’s has a little bit of a European flair with very British influences left over.”

Fell’s Point Bite of Baltimore

(Join Mixolo for a partner event on Sunday, July 29.)

The Fell’s Point tour focuses on the culture, cuisine, history and community of the neighborhood. Guests walk the Belgium brick streets with a seasoned tour guide sharing the history of the neighborhood, which is home to a rising culinary and foodie scene, between stops at some of the area’s top food spots. In addition to the walking lecture, the tour includes Baltimore bites at four different locations, as well as one signature cocktail. Additional beverages are available for purchase along the way, with about 20-30 minutes planned at each stop. Guests will learn about the storied, transformative history of Fell’s Point, from the American Revolution to the craft cocktail scene of today.

The Fell’s Point tour includes local charcuterie from the charming European-style Pitango Bakery and Café; crab cakes and sides at The Point, a popular Thames Street bar and tavern; Baltimore’s famous style of barbecue, pit beer, at hidden gem Hungry Andy’s on Broadway; a craft cocktail at the stylish Rye; and dessert at happy hour and brunch favorite Bond Street Social.

The three-and-a-half-hour tour starts at 3 p.m. and concludes at 6:30 p.m.

Mount Vernon Bite of Baltimore

(Sign up for a Mixolo-exclusive tour on Sunday, August 19.)

Zack describes the Mount Vernon tour as “a bit more glamorous.” The distinctly "posh" food offerings correlate with Mount Vernon’s history as the epicenter of Baltimore high society. Mount Vernon is also one of the city’s cultural melting pots, which Bite of Baltimore has highlighted in the food options on its tour. Like the Fell’s Point tour, the Mount Vernon one includes four food tastes, a signature cocktail and a guided historic walking lecture, however, Bite of Baltimore is partnering with the Maryland Historical Society to offer an even more engaging, in-depth experience.

The tour will begin at the Maryland Historical Society, where guests will have about a half an hour to explore the museum, which holds treasures like the original Star-Spangled Banner flag. The food on the tour includes dumplings from Pinch at the hip Mt. Vernon Marketplace; a Turkish meat appetizer at Mediterranean-inspired Cazbar; a pig’s ear bacon bratwurst and a craft cocktail at Hotel Revival’s roof top bar Topside, one of the hottest spots in town that has stunning 360-degree views of the city through pent-house level windows; and dessert at the white tablecloth The Elephant. Because this tour involves more walking and an extra stop at a museum as compared to the Fell’s Point tour, it runs four hours, from 2 to 6 p.m.

At Mixolo, we are excited about partnering with Bite of Baltimore and a "host" of other great venues and event coordinators in the Baltimore Washington Metro area. We can't wait to take Mixolo to other neighborhoods in Baltimore (our "Love the City You're With" Bike Tour is coming up on July 14; find out more) and soon, other great cities as our network of ready-to-go-out-solos grows.

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