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5, 4, 3, 2, 1...blast off!

The going out app has taken flight. #noplusonerequired

Signing up for Mixolo’s solo-friendly events is easier than ever now that the mobile app has launched.

The new app, available free of charge on Google Play for Android and Apple iTunes for iOS, means that members can easily search for their favorite activities and events–all designed to . accommodate those stepping out on their own. And coming soon, hosts will be able to efficiently post their solo-friendly events, increasing users’ options.

Mixolo’s mission is to embrace the “power of solo,” using technology to promote in-person interaction.

Instead of opting out of things you want to do because you can’t convince a plus-one, use the app to find an outing or event to participate in with like-minded adults.

Mixolo is disrupting the stigma of going out solo–and the notion that relationship status should limit your personal interests or pursuits, according to Mixolo founder and CEO, Carolyn Lynch.

Once you have set up a private profile, the app will help you search for events and activities–including theater excursions, wine dinners, biking and walking tours, sporting events, and much more. The app further allows you to connect with those you meet at Mixolo events, with the option of communicating through the MIXCHAT function.

If you attend an event, you may choose to connect with fellow participants on Mixolo’s in-app messaging platform, MIXCHAT. This platform allows members to initiate and accept (or block) connections to keep in touch with people they have met through Mixolo.

MIXCHAT is not a dating platform, but rather a way to connect with people you meet (AFTER you've met in person).

Once you've met someone at a Mixolo event, you can reach out through MIXCHAT based on shared interests. It’s about making connections "organically," without ‘likes’ or swipes.

As the member network grows, says Lynch, the events available in the app will also increase. “We want to make sure that hosts know our members out there and ready to have amazing adventures.” She describes membership growth as a chicken and egg scenario: Local hosts will be encouraged to design Mixolo experiences once they perceive a critical mass of membership. “Your participation will help move us along,” Lynch says, adding, “Sign up now and show your support–you’ll be glad you did!”

Blog update: In December 2018, Mixolo introduced it's Beta proprietary event-building platform in the app. Now hosts can create activities tailored to Mixolo members, thus increasing Mixolo member event options and expanding their own customer base. Find out more>>

When hosts make Mixolo groups feel welcome, those guests will return, Lynch says. “We love it when hosts go the extra mile. Mixolo members want an experience that makes them feel connected.” At recent events, Mixolo guests have met with actors after a play, had behind-the-scenes museum tours, and have engaged in after-hours cooking classes at local restaurants.

“With so many entities competing for our attention and increasing reliance on ‘virtual’ engagement,” says Lynch, “restaurants, theaters and event venues are looking for new channels to increase their base of loyal customers. Mixolo may provide a key.”

Download the Mixolo app today.

Interested in hosting? Find out more at Hosting FAQ

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