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Resorting to Halloween [and chicken] metaphors when you can’t think of a good name for a blog post

Tricks, treats, and traction… Updates on a startup's journey and answer to the question: Why isn't Mixolo in my city yet???


We have NO game, but we have been fooled by the tricks of time. ¾ of October is gone. 2018 is more than ¾ over.

Have you come out to Mixolo yet? Are you waiting for the right moment? If you’re in the Baltimore region, could it be that you’re still waiting for that day when people will not judge others who choose to live life on their own terms?

We’ve been spending our time doing this “IRL first” thing with gusto from our beta-city, Baltimore, hoping to light a fire in self-determined individuals to live out loud and help them expand their community when they do.

Bike Tour Breakfast at Culinary Architecture with Mixolo

The making of Mixolo has been a tricky, culture-shifting journey that started 18 months ago, give or take a few months to get an operating company off the ground.

What do we mean when we say 'self-determined?' At Mixolo we define it as living on your own terms, unencumbered by people or societal beliefs that may limit or discourage your sense of adventure.

Mixolo Bike Tour stop at B and O Railroad Museum

When online dating first appeared (we are not a dating app) on the scene, initially, there was some “shame,” in revealing that one might be using a then largely misunderstood catalyst for finding romantic relationships. No more.

Today, we’re not only dating strangers, but we’re riding with them and sleeping with them (AirBnB...). The trick for Mixolo? Getting our members comfortable with hanging out with strangers (just people you have not met yet).

Unfortunately, much of our time spent on traditional companion-finding apps is removing us from the now perceived burden of making real and meaningful IRL connections through organic encounters first. Virtual liking, swiping and ghosting are accepted forms of "communication."

When you attend a Mixolo event, you don’t know who’s coming. Implicit, limiting biases are set aside. You only know that others who attend our carefully curated events (at established venues) with you share your interest in a particular activity or pastime.

If you’ve downloaded the Mixolo app and attended an event, you know that AFTER the event, your newly found connections will show up in MIXCHAT, our messaging platform in the Mixolo app. You have 48 hours to connect - or not. You can decide based on organic (in real life) encounters if you'd like to welcome your new connections into your community.


Nailed it?

This is where we think “we got game.” We only look for experiences that will delight you and convince you that it’s ok to come out meet others on common ground, just doing what you love to do or are simply curious about. Ex-strangers, new connections...

We have an app that is the alternative to apps that operate on implicit bias, limiting the size and scope of your potential community. After you meet and make your new Mixolo connections in person, YOU can decide if you want to hang out again.

Failed it?

We're realistic. Without traction and buy-in from more of our current users, some of whom are actively engaged in our content and on our platforms, but not yet IRL, Mixolo cannot thrive. The last thing we want is for Mixolo to be another great idea in the land(fill) of good intentions.

We want to build experiences that will make you want to come out. We want you to be a doer, not a voyeur. We also want you to find events wherever you find yourself in the world.

Eventually, the Mixolo platform will allow you more control over your social calendar as we work to create a reservation system plug-in for hospitality and entertainment venues and travel and experience purveyors that allows you to book events and experiences on your own schedule and look for other Mixolo members to attend with you. We just need a little more time. And we certainly need more you.

So, please, don’t hold back. We’re approaching 1000 users, mostly from the Baltimore region, but we are still challenged in filling some of our events. We’re scouting, building and hustling to make Mixolo your concierge for fun. Our hosts are ready to receive you.


Scaled it?

We feel ready to enter into new markets in 2019, particularly with the app. We are now making a concerted effort to begin appealing to potential investors to help scale Mixolo.

We've made headway in the Baltimore region and we are so grateful for our solos who have come out, especially our frequent solo-flyers, but we are in need of MORE active member participation to keep our gracious hosts in our beta region working to become more solo-friendly and to welcome you the Mixolo way.

Though most of our events involve a fee, they are not sustaining revenue generators for Mixolo or our hosts. They are meant to help build the network of ready-to-go-out solos and to help hosts find new loyal patrons that they can embrace this new solo-friendly way.

We want to keep our membership free and the quality of the events high. A planned advertising revenue model will eventually sustain the Mixolo platform so that we can keep offering treats and opportunities to connect you to a like-minded community when you want when you are ready to step out on your own.

Want us in your city?

Then hurry up and wait. We mean that respectfully. Get into the app. Share Mixolo in your circles and on social media (@mixolo_gosolo).

Excuse us as we inject another metaphor for an evolutionary dilemma - the chicken or the egg.

The more ready-to-go-out users, the more hosts we can attract to Mixolo to offer you the Mixolo experience.

Join us today. Fall into our app. If you’re in an around our beta city, join us IRL.

No more opting out of things you want to do when your friends and family circle aren't interested. At Mixolo, we are building an IRL (in real life) social network for solo adults, regardless of relationship status, who want to step out on their own and would like to enjoy events and experiences with other people who share their interests. We're the going out app! No plus-one required.

In our beta stage, we're curating solo-friendly events and experiences in the Baltimore/Washington region. Membership is free. Find out more and get on our list as an early adopter member or event host at The Mixolo app is now on Apple iTunes and Google Play. Not in the Baltimore/Washington area? Get in the app and "hurry up and wait." Help us build our network of ready-to-go-out-solos so that we can attract hosts in your area.

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