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Event Planners Embrace Solo Guests

NACE signs on as Mixolo host

Welcoming NACE to our host family is like meeting a friend for a glass of wine and stumbling into a gala. At Mixolo, where our attitude is the more the merrier, that’s a very good thing.

NACE stands for the National Association for Catering and Events, so having this group of professionals in our orbit means potential exposure to some of the most influential event organizers in the country.

Frequent Mixolo host, Jerry Edwards of Chefs Expressions is an active member of NACE.

The Baltimore chapter of NACE has officially signed on as Mixolo’s fourth host in our Host portal. That means members can offer their events to our members through the Mixolo app. And, given that these are top flight professionals with a broad reach, we hope that means lots of new events coming your way.

To mark this partnership, Mixolo is one of the local organizations involved with NACE’s Dine & Drink Around the World held on March 13 at the Radisson Inner Harbor. This international-themed event will raise funds for the St. Frances Neighborhood Center in West Baltimore, an outreach organization to improve the lives of those in its Reservoir Hill neighborhood. Funds will also go to the local NACE chapter and the Foundation of NACE, which provides educational funding in hospitality professions.

Dine & Drink Around the World brings together local chefs, designers and mixologists to create festive displays, each representing a different region of the world. Nibble on Spanish tapas from Eleven Courses catering while sipping a beverage from Lyon Distilling; try an Espolon Tequila cocktail paired with Mexican fare from Camden Yards; see what Chef’s Expressions comes up with to represent Austria, and Pantry Catering devises for its Thai offering. The evening promises to be filled with delicious surprises.

Signing on as a host is a great way to extend the reach of an event by tapping into an audience of solo adults eager to step out and enjoy new experiences. Joining Mixolo is free to both members and hosts. “Mixolo is opening our eyes to the number of people who might not have a plus-one,” says Rachel Panczenko, CPCE, CTA who serves as the vice president of the Baltimore NACE board of directors. “Posting events on Mixolo means exposure to new guests.”

Since we launched our Host platform in December 2018, we’ve been getting the word out. Hosts realize that Mixolo is an excellent way to fill seats, or to offer special events to our members. We’re slowly but surely bringing new hosts on board. They’re beginning to understand that Mixolo members love to step out. No plus-one required.

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