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Sweating the Small Stuff

Purpose or prestige? We're choosing our path.

In the midst of the hustle, I had a lovely brunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Baltimore with my son. One would think that the world is not completely falling apart. And maybe it’s not, if we can compartmentalize what’s happening in Nebraska, New Zealand, Yemen, California, Ethiopia, Baltimore, Capitol Hill…

Maybe it’s time we sweat the small stuff.

The future is small.

There a few versions of the story behind the famed Baltimore restaurant where we dined today, Woodberry Kitchen, and its chief founders, Spike Gjerde and Amy Gjerde.

One thing is for sure: the economic and social impact on the region of this picayune, and some muse, "purist" farm-to-table restaurant, part of a larger restaurant group, Foodshed Restaurant Group, is a strong argument for aligning with Purpose.

Farmers, vineyards, brewers and distillers around the Mid-Atlantic region have benefited enormously from expansion of the Gjerdes’ “crazy” idea that there are better food and beverage options than those from BIG food and farm monopolies. The Gjerdes and their team have created sustainable jobs and opportunities that contribute to the local economy as a result of purposeful, organic growth (pun intended).

The restaurant business is not easy, but the Foodshed group, still based in Baltimore, is now exporting their great idea, presumably with their humanity intact, beyond Baltimore.