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If you’re reading this, you’re an early adopter.

Updated: Feb 17

We like to throw around that term “early adopter” a lot. We think you're special. And we're not social scientists.

This is where we name drop some very smart person’s name who supports our assumptions about innovators. E.M. Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation Theory, which explores the social systems that influence the adoption of new ideas, defines early adopters as “a small minority of the population that are the first to try new ideas, products, services or behaviors."

“Early adopters generally rely on their own intuition and vision, and choose carefully, and often have above-average education level” according to smart bot, A.I. Google. We could have used the top designation of Rogers’ adopters and labeled our early adopters “innovators,” but we're not social scientists, just purveyors of social good times.

We can attest to the fact that our early adopter Mixolo members embrace our definition of solo: self-determined. Anecdotally, we see that we attract busy and accomplished professionals who love the idea of having a concierge for their social calendar, but we aim to be inclusive. We don’t ask for education levels in our user profiles.

In fact, we don’t ask many questions in the Mixolo app. And your information is private unless you decide you want to connect with any of the people you’ve met FIRST IRL (n real life) at a Mixolo event.