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If you’re reading this, you’re an early adopter.

Updated: Feb 17

We like to throw around that term “early adopter” a lot. We think you're special. And we're not social scientists.

This is where we name drop some very smart person’s name who supports our assumptions about innovators. E.M. Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation Theory, which explores the social systems that influence the adoption of new ideas, defines early adopters as “a small minority of the population that are the first to try new ideas, products, services or behaviors."

“Early adopters generally rely on their own intuition and vision, and choose carefully, and often have above-average education level” according to smart bot, A.I. Google. We could have used the top designation of Rogers’ adopters and labeled our early adopters “innovators,” but we're not social scientists, just purveyors of social good times.

We can attest to the fact that our early adopter Mixolo members embrace our definition of solo: self-determined. Anecdotally, we see that we attract busy and accomplished professionals who love the idea of having a concierge for their social calendar, but we aim to be inclusive. We don’t ask for education levels in our user profiles.

In fact, we don’t ask many questions in the Mixolo app. And your information is private unless you decide you want to connect with any of the people you’ve met FIRST IRL (n real life) at a Mixolo event.

While we only book with established and verifiable hosts and venues, there is still that “inner child” story of stranger danger that some express. We’ve blogged out about that, too. Check out: Talking to Strangers.

Hanging out with strangers (people you haven’t met yet) at events and experiences is big step for some and a natural progression for others. We’re already dating strangers, sleeping with them (Airbnb”) and we’re getting in their cars. Why not go out with them? Ex-strangers, new connections…

We facilitate organic connections over shared interests for our members at Mixolo experiences. Our solo-friendly hosts graciously accommodate our members.

Our recent pivot in our business model to encourage hosts to fully embrace Mixolo by booking their own solo-friendly events in our host portal is not without its challenges, but they are coming. We are competing with Eventbrite and other event ticketing platforms and we're asking our hosts to try a new platform, Mixolo.

Our differentiator? Our hosts are reaching people that are ready-to-go-out without having to worry about finding a plus-one. Our hosts are dropping the “date-night” and “bring a friend” references in the Mixolo app. Solos want to go out and they want to fill seats – without stigma.

Early conclusion: Our current hosts and members, particularly those that are hosting, showing up and keeping Mixolo alive, are clearly early adopters.

According to Rogers there are others to whom we must pay our respects to on the path to adoption of a new idea:

The Early Majority

Rogers was purposeful when he labeled this group the early majority. We like the sound of the word majority. It has implications.

We appreciate them, too. In fact we are starting to see more of this wonderful persona out. These are members who may have been with us a while, some since our humble no-product beginnings in early 2017 with a nifty splash page and sign up survey, and have just started coming out.

It takes some convincing, but the early majority likes a little bit of proof.

The Late Majority:

Think of your friends, family and colleagues who just recently revealed they are no longer freaked out by staying in a private home in another city. Or the ones you have told about Mixolo because you are sure they would benefit, but they feel some kind of way about how they will be perceived if they admit that sometimes there is no available plus-one.

Contrast this group with our early, early adopters who were likely already comfortable going out solo, traveling solo or striking up conversations with complete strangers, but like the bonus of a plus-some of like minds for a shared experience.

Late majority adopters are the “tough crowd.” We have to work them hard for a laugh.

Those darn Laggards:

I’ve taken some the editorial privileges with the laggards. We all know one or have been one.

While we appreciate them, too, they are usually the “hecklers” that find every reason to doubt new ideas because they simply cannot see themselves using unfamiliar products or services.

To their defense, we need people who are less likely to jump on the latest crazy idea. Especially an idea like Mixolo, and in its early days, Uber's ride-sharing with strangers. Both evoke a very human fight or flight response.

We realize Mixolo flies in the face of social constructs around hedonic (fun!) pursuits. Whether its messaging from coupled people or people with tight, established social circles on their disdain (fear!) of going out alone and meeting new people - or hosts unwittingly catering primarily to coupled and related groups in their marketing, infrastructure and physical plant design - it makes sense that people opt out and “order in” when they can’t convince a plus-one.

What doesn’t make sense is opting out of fun and the things we love just because we might be navigating solo. If you haven’t read my founder’s story, please take a trip to the blog archives. I started Mixolo for very personal reasons and I found out quickly that many others shared my frustration with the stigma often imposed upon solo adventurers.

As a result, Mixolo is changing the narrative around the solo guest, patron, or participant. There is power in going solo (another shameless blog plug). Hence the caliber of our early adopters. I commend you. Your courage, for lack of a better word, is the reason we continue. Without you, Mixolo is just a great idea.

We realize there are many ways to live your best life. We’re simply a fresh alternative to dating apps, meetups and “likes and swipes.” We’re just about going out, doing what you love and finding community when you do.

You can order in and go out with Mixolo.

Note: Our inaugural promotional events in other cities will be listed soon. Those free events will be offered first to members who have downloaded the Mixolo app before we’ve arrived in their city as well as active members. Don' t miss your chance to go out - on us.

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