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Mixolo Expands to Brooklyn with Host Rachna Hukmani of Whiskey Stories

Rachna Hukmani is the epitome of New York cool. A Brooklyn resident of South Asian descent, and raised on a Greek island, Rachna is a whiskey expert and the owner of Michelin Guide recommended immersive multisensory whiskey tasting experience company, Whiskey Stories LLC.

It’s no wonder Rachna’s experience at Whiskey Stories draws dedicated fans of food, spirits, connection, discovery, storytelling and more. Her multi-sensory experiences include Flavors of Asia (Whiskeys from Asia and Asian-inspired food pairings), Whiskey in the Dark™, a whiskey journey in darkness, Whiskey & Comedy, Whiskey & Music, Whiskey & Whiskey Infused Donuts and so many more. No two Whiskey Stories experiences are alike. You can see them all here:

Guests at Whiskey Stories' experiential venue. Photo credit:Pierre Auguste (IG:@leastIhavewhisky)

Rachna has been working with whiskies for 11+ years, marketing top whiskey brands like The Macallan, Highland Park and Johnny Walker, even co-creating brands like The Macallan Double Oak 12, Highland Park Magnus and more. In fact, she has been named the first South Asian woman to open a whiskey company! Featured in Bloomberg News and Forbes, last October she further expanded the world of spirits by launching a first-of-its-kind whiskey-based cologne line. Find out more:

Rachna is also a comedy actor, stand-up comic, and writer with a background in sensory science and food. Over the course of each 90-minute experience, she regales participants with amusing stories, history and context about each tasting, while incorporating music, humor and lots of interaction with her guests.

As Mixolo moves into new markets, we can’t think of a better way to make a splash than going to Whiskey Stories in Brooklyn. On Saturday, August 17, we’ll join Rachna for a luxurious experience of four whiskies paired with four decadent and carefully selected Japanese ice cream (mochi) pairings known for their textures, flavors, sensory temperature differences and more. It is the perfect pairing with whiskey! There will also be other treats, twists and turns to add to the sensory experience.

Rachelle White Photography (IG :@rachellephoto)
Rachelle White Photography (IG :@rachellephoto)

"Our Whiskey Stories format and journey are a perfect fit for Mixolo,” says Rachna (pictured left). "We’re used to bringing diverse groups of people together - some of whom come to our events on their own looking for a memorable experience - and we love giving them just that.

There’s a good chance that Mixolo guests, known for their interest in stepping out to engage with like-minded adults, will become Whiskey Stories regulars. Mixolo gives participants the opportunity to connect through the Mixolo app after the event. "People love coming back so I am sure Mixolo guests will make a plan to come back together – or solo," says Rachna.

Photo credit: Nate Woodruff (IG: @whiskywithaview)

Mixolo wants to be where the action is, and we want you to join us. We guarantee that this Mixolo experience will be like no other.

If you’re a New Yorker, or just wanna get up to the Big Apple for an immersive event, join us for Whiskey Stories. No plus-one required.


Mixolo app users may enter to win complimentary seats for our inaugural promotional events in Brooklyn and other cities. Don' t miss your chance to go out - on us. See our events.

Interested in hosting? Qualified hosts may join Mixolo and promote their solo-friendly events in our app today. Find out more.

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