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Wake. Up. New customer rising...

Make room, date night. The solos are coming.

A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that big brand marketers–from General Mills to Whirlpool–are discovering an expanding market of people who live on their own. From single-serving cake mixes to low-capacity washing machines to oversized rolls of toilet paper (actually that one is kind of baffling), new products are being designed specifically for the millions of adults who live on their own.

And not surprisingly, “solo” consumers are willing to pay a bit more for goods tailored to their needs. As the Journal reports, Betty Crocker’s Mug Treats sell for about 75 cents per serving, compared to the 15 cent serving from an entire Super Moist Yellow Cake mix.

Two years ago, when we launched Mixolo, we worked hard on messaging. No, we are not a dating app. No, we aren’t catering to singles exclusively. We aren’t a Meetup group for special interests.

We are a way for arts, hospitality and entertainment venues and hosts to fill their seats by welcoming solos who step out on their own for events and experiences.

Mixolo at Nepenthe Brewing Co. (Photographer: Christian Lynch)

Mixolo at Union Craft Brewing Co. (Photographer: Christian Lynch)

Our going-out app matches solos who are ready to go out with hosts ready to accommodate them. Our members may want to take in a theater production, participate in a 5K charity race, attend a Lizzo concert, witness a polo match or dine at the chef's table. But might hesitate if they don’t have a plus-one. Why not encourage them to go solo with Mixolo so they can find their "plus-some?"

Words matter, and we prefer the term “solo” when referring to our network of members. The word has power and resonance – picture Joshua Bell standing up with the National Symphony Orchestra or Michelle Kwan spiraling on the ice. Solo.

Close to 30 percent of U.S. households–that’s up from 13 percent in 1960–are occupied by one person. In past blog posts, we’ve pointed out that these solos are happy; in surveys, they report higher levels of satisfaction and less depression than their coupled counterparts. And as the Wall Street Journal notes, they have money to spend.

The clarion call to solos is on the rise as Fortune 100 businesses get ahead of the game, recognizing the changing demographic and make sure this customer base is part of their growth strategy.

Mixolo’s market? The billions of people worldwide who find themselves navigating solo - regardless of relationship status. And the hospitality and entertainment venues and event hosts ready to serve them.

Mixolo at Nepenthe Brewing Co. (Photographer: Christian Lynch)

We know that our hosts have a lot more to offer than microwaved cake-in-a-cup (soon to be delivered by a drone). Mixolo hosts can tap into our network of engaged adults who want to step out. It’s time to switch up the emphasis on accommodating the coupled.

Why is it that access is often based on doubles, discounts come in BOGO, and the maître d’ at your favorite restaurant asks, “just one?”

Consider a new greeting when a solo guest walks through the door: “We’re so glad you came.”

Solos want to go out and they want to fill seats, without stigma. Mixolo's first release of our going out app for members is available on the app stores (Google Play and Apple). We recently released a web-based host portal for event hosts to offer their solo-friendly events in our app for our growing network of ready-to-go-out solos. All event ideas will be considered, however, at this time only events held or originated in the US can be accommodated with our first release.

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