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All the World's [in] a Stage

A COVID19 update from Mixolo’s founder, Carolyn Walton Lynch

I think it's safe to assume that we are all feeling some kind of way about the impact of the Coronavirus disease in our lives.

While humans and all other living things are inextricably connected, we tend to operate in a state of ego-centrism in our daily goings about. Ego-centrism represents a cognitive bias, and like any other bias, it can prevent us from considering different perspectives and accepting our differences as a potential positive.

We now have this shared challenge of a non-discriminating, global pandemic that is threatening the very structure of our society and bringing attention to the world’s most vulnerable citizens and workers. If this were a more definitive enemy, a visible oppositional or threatening power, we might be able to make more sense of it and quickly unite around defeating it.

The fight against COVID19 is forcing us into a collective consciousness around how we care for ourselves and the welfare of others.

We're all connected in the war against the spread of COVID19 and, unless we're super-human or lacking the empathy gene, each of us is likely somewhere on the grief spectrum with this abrupt disruption of life as we knew it.

What we're up to at Mixolo:

I wish I could report to you that we have completely revamped Mixolo’s mission and web and mobile interfaces to bring you an uninterrupted engagement experience. Unfortunately, we do not yet enjoy the luxury of an expansive and nimble development team to pivot on short notice to say, online events, like Facebook or Meetup.