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May Quarantine Wellness Check-in from Mixolo founder, Carolyn Walton Lynch

Have you tried “…infinite patience and never-ending persistence" yet?

Eleanor Roosevelt’s said this about her husband, and 32nd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

"Franklin's illness...gave him strength and courage he had not had before. He had to think out the fundamentals of living and learn the greatest of all lessons - infinite patience and never ending persistence."

It’s a tall order but as we collectively crave certainty or perhaps ways to alleviate a nagging sense of powerlessness, putting ourselves in FDR’s mindset might get us through week N in Quarantine 2020 and the weeks that will follow.

FDR summer cottage in campobello.
Captured on my Iphone: FDR likely self-quarantined at his Campobello summer cottage overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

Socially distancing has taken on new meaning.

Though #wereallinthistogether, it appears that, like the most recent U.S. presidential election, the divisiveness on how we approach solutions to systemic problems is stark and regularly fueled by fear and misinformation.

Full disclosure: I have mixed feelings about social media. I love being able to stay in touch with extended family and friends, and, with Mixolo, I feel compelled to share updates, but lately….is it just me noticing that people are seeking to find some power in their point of view MORE THAN EVER? Are you finding yourself blocking more of your “friends” or family?

Virtual can be good. It might be the primary connection to the outside world for many of us right now. With the advent of COVID-19, whether directly or indirectly affected by it, we are being challenged to “think out the fundamentals of living” yet again. Some are grappling with the unknown with grace or maybe your BFF you thought you knew is unwittingly promoting anarchy on Instagram.

Can we all just get along? Really?