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When your co-founders are your customers...

Happy Birthday, Mixolo Team! We're still here because of you. You're our type!

Please enjoy the annual love letter to our early adopters from Mixolo founder, Carolyn Walton Lynch. Maybe you aren't so early anymore? Mixolo is 3! Wait, are we still a startup?

Congratulations, Team Mixolo!

Look what you co-founded, early adopters. It's me, Carolyn, Mixolo's founder, coming to you first-person today for a long overdue "monthly" update and to wish you a Happy Mixolo Birthday!

People at a vineyard talking about wine in front of barrels.
The best part! I get to go out with my type You! (Mixolo at Dodon Vineyards, Davidsonville, MD)

A big welcome to new Mixoloists just joining the Mixolo startup team. We're not producing a product, but we are pioneering a movement.  As a solo-preneur, building a community of adventurous solos (introverts, too!),  I consider all of you the engine and the reason for Mixolo.

On February 14, 2017, with a splash page and a Facebook post, 39 of you signed for a virtual Valentine's Day launch party with a new IRL (in-real-life) social network called Mixolo.  #noplusonerequired

Turns out many of us, regardless of relationship status, sometimes opt-out of social outings when we can't convince a plus-one.  Mixolo wants to help you #justgosolo AND find your plus-some. With nearly 2000 open-minded Mixoloists who have subscribed so far, some pretty far from our Beta city, Baltimore, USA, and almost 80 hosts who have welcomed our adventurous solos, together, we've been making some changes around the way the unaccompanied guest is perceived and welcomed.  It has not been easy, but it sure has been fun.Cheers!

People toasting at a community table for a whiskey tasting and pairing.