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Mixolo at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Welcome to the
Mixolo Collective©️ 

No more: "Just one?"
More like: "We're so glad you came." - that's what you'll hear from Mixolo Collective©️ solo-friendly hosts like:


The Mixolo Collective©️ wants to help make it easy for you to connect with a community of solo adventurers when you step out on your own.

The Mixolo Collective©️ also includes host members like Chesapeake Shakespeare Company who have committed to welcoming you "The Mixolo Way©️",   They'll do their best to facilitate a shared experience when you attend their performances and special programs.




It'so easy - and free - to sign up (see form below) to join the Mixolo Collective©️.

mixolo Shrew_0003.JPG

If you're new to Mixolo, help us by telling us who you are and where you are. If you're already on the list, feel free to "re-register" with more details to serve you better.

Thanks for submitting! Look for an email to confirm your subscription and get your discount code!

More about our collective community culture:

First things first, we are not a dating or social media app. We are a real-life social network with the lofty goal of using technology to increase in-person human interaction.

We welcome self-determined adults over 18* years of age, regardless of relationship status, who want to get out and do what they love, without the pressure of finding a plus-one.

Some might pause at the thought of engaging with a group of strangers socially.  Do you go to networking and professional events solo?  Do you use ride-share apps? Do you sometimes rely on home and room-sharing apps when you travel?  

For your comfort, Mixolo hosts will have a physical, google searchable, public space for gatherings, and a public digital footprint.

We promote diversity, inclusion, and the expansion of our members' social community by keeping your "profile" private.  No likes or swipes.  Our members will connect based on shared interests first, reducing inherent biases that might prevent them from making potentially fulfilling connections..

You'll be glad you came.

*There may be restrictions for certain events and levels of participation that require a higher minimum age and proof thereof.   Additionally,  Mixolo cannot extend membership to persons who have active criminal warrants.

What's "The Mixolo Way?"


Returning solo adventurers will recall that Mixolo released a Beta version of our "going out" mobile app for our members on Google Play and Apple stores in late 2018. The app has been temporarily disabled due to the impact of the pandemic on our business model.

After a 3-year hiatus, we're ready to do it again, albeit differently. ThMixolo Collective©️ is the humble relaunch.  We want to go out again by rebuilding a "collective" of ready-to-go-out solos AND ready-to-seat-you hosts!.

Because our early adopters told us they wanted more freedom when and where they go out, we won't be as event and date driven with events and experiences scheduled solely by Mixolo.

Our hope is that when you think about stepping out alone, whenever and wherever that is, and you want to enjoy the feeling of community, you'll go where they welcome you "The Mixolo Way.©️."

The Mixolo Way©️


Our Mixolo Collective©️ member hosts to be listed on our site (starting in February 2023) AND who display the Mixolo Collective©️ badge and pledge, will do their best to help you connect you with like-minded guests by arranging one or more of the following accommodations before your arrival: 


  • A designated gathering space 


  •  Community seating arrangements 


  • Curated, inclusive solo-friendly events/experiences 

Show your enthusiastic support for the collective, by simply signing up as a member for the first time - or again - to strengthen your Mixolo Collective©️ profile. 


You'll help us attract more solo-friendly host members to our collective as well! 

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