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Mixolo's Event Host Dashboard is here!



Getting started

Getting started


We're so glad you here! Hosts who want to welcome our groups of solos may now book Mixolo events using our Beta dashboard.


Take the stigma out of arriving alone and welcome our ready-to-go out solos for a shared experience.


Events may be exclusive to Mixolo members or they may be public events that you host that our members may want to attend. 


We ask that our hosts provide a way for our members to connect and engage upon their arrival for maximum connection.  UPDATE:  We are temporarily suspending the use of our host portal while COVID19 social distancing guidelines are in effect.  We hope to see you again soon.   You may reach us via our CONTACT page in the meantime. Thank you for your patience.

This first release of our event builder and host dashboard is a Beta release for our hosts.  


Mixolo has been testing the dashboard internally with great success listing events in our app.   We felt it's time to allow our hosts to actively use the dashboard to ensure that our technical solutions meet your needs when hosting and promoting Mixolo events to your patrons and followers. 


For our Beta, only eligible hosts in the continental United States may create accounts using our host dashboard to be listed and sold in Mixolo’s app for our Mixolo members and your patrons who want to attend but may be opting out because they prefer a shared experience.


We recommend that you download the app (Mixolo on Apple I Tunes and Google Play) so that you may view your events.  When you create an event in the app, a Web/URL link is created as well for you to share the event on the web and social media.


Encourage your patrons to download the Mixolo app so that they, too, can enjoy your curated and shared experience when they visit you on their own.


The Beta release is a work in progress.  We look forward to your feedback.



To simplify the process, there are a few items that you may want to collect about yourself or your business before you begin.


You will need your Tax ID to help us process payouts for your events.  Payouts will be made to hosts for the amount due upon the successful completion of an event.


Have your website  URL and/or where to find you on the web as well as your social media links, on hand.


Optional items (if you have them) would be your state registration or DUNS number.



Be sure to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 


Use of our Beta platform to build and sell your events to Mixolo subscribers/members means that you have reviewed and accepted both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


After reviewing our Terms of Service for Mixolo event hosts and Privacy Policy,  you may follow this link to begin using our dashboard to book your solo-friendly events.   

The link for the host dashboard is temporarily disabled during our hiatus.

(The event host dashboard is optimized for web use exclusively at this time )

Event Host Dashboard URL
Demo Video 1 - Create your account
Mixolo Event Dashboard Demo: Intro and Account Sign Up (1 of 6)

Mixolo Event Dashboard Demo: Intro and Account Sign Up (1 of 6)

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Demo Video 1  Highlights -  Create your account 


Creating your account:


When first entering the dashboard, you will be asked to choose the city and event type.   Please indicate the city that the event will be held.


Please confirm if your city is listed before proceeding.  If not, you may enter the new city.  The city where the event will be held must already be on our list or added in order to create an event.


To use the dashboard,  you will need to create a host account -  or sign-in if you already have an account. You must confirm your acceptance of our Terms of Service to create your account.


Hosting Standards:


When you sign in or create an event,  each time,  you’ll be asked to review our hosting standards.   Please read them carefully.  When you accept Mixolo’s hosting standards, you’ll be able to continue building your event.  See Video 2

Demo Video 2 - Build your event (part 1)