Mixolo's Event Host Dashboard is here!




Getting started


We're so glad you here! Hosts who want to welcome our groups of solos may now book Mixolo events using our Beta dashboard.


Take the stigma out of arriving alone and welcome our ready-to-go out solos for a shared experience.


Events may be exclusive to Mixolo members or they may be public events that you host that our members may want to attend. 


We ask that our hosts provide a way for our members to connect and engage upon their arrival for maximum connection.  UPDATE:  We are temporarily suspending the use of our host portal while COVID19 social distancing guidelines are in effect.  We hope to see you again soon.   You may reach us via our CONTACT page in the meantime. Thank you for your patience.

This first release of our event builder and host dashboard is a Beta release for our hosts.  


Mixolo has been testing the dashboard internally with great success listing events in our app.   We felt it's time to allow our hosts to actively use the dashboard to ensure that our technical solutions meet your needs when hosting and promoting Mixolo events to your patrons and followers. 


For our Beta, only eligible hosts in the continental United States may create accounts using our host dashboard to be listed and sold in Mixolo’s app for our Mixolo members and your patrons who want to attend but may be opting out because they prefer a shared experience.


We recommend that you download the app (Mixolo on Apple I Tunes and Google Play) so that you may view your events.  When you create an event in the app, a Web/URL link is created as well for you to share the event on the web and social media.


Encourage your patrons to download the Mixolo app so that they, too, can enjoy your curated and shared experience when they visit you on their own.


The Beta release is a work in progress.  We look forward to your feedback.



To simplify the process, there are a few items that you may want to collect about yourself or your business before you begin.


You will need your Tax ID to help us process payouts for your events.  Payouts will be made to hosts for the amount due upon the successful completion of an event.


Have your website  URL and/or where to find you on the web as well as your social media links, on hand.


Optional items (if you have them) would be your state registration or DUNS number.



Be sure to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 


Use of our Beta platform to build and sell your events to Mixolo subscribers/members means that you have reviewed and accepted both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


After reviewing our Terms of Service for Mixolo event hosts and Privacy Policy,  you may follow this link to begin using our dashboard to book your solo-friendly events.   

The link for the host dashboard is temporarily disabled during our hiatus.

(The event host dashboard is optimized for web use exclusively at this time )


Demo Video 1  Highlights -  Create your account 


Creating your account:


When first entering the dashboard, you will be asked to choose the city and event type.   Please indicate the city that the event will be held.


Please confirm if your city is listed before proceeding.  If not, you may enter the new city.  The city where the event will be held must already be on our list or added in order to create an event.


To use the dashboard,  you will need to create a host account -  or sign-in if you already have an account. You must confirm your acceptance of our Terms of Service to create your account.


Hosting Standards:


When you sign in or create an event,  each time,  you’ll be asked to review our hosting standards.   Please read them carefully.  When you accept Mixolo’s hosting standards, you’ll be able to continue building your event.  See Video 2



Demo Video 2 Highlights: Begin building your event


After creating your account you may begin building your event.  Mixolo has created the event builder to reflect our standards for selling solo-friendly events that delight our members and make them want to return. 


Leave nothing to chance.   Make sure your Mixolo guests know what is included in their ticket price and where they will find you, their host, and other Mixolo attendees for maximum engagement and connection.


You will be asked to:


Provide a title and tagline:


Each event will require a clear title and descriptive tagline.   You may want to click on the “i” for information icons for clues on most steps in the event building process.


Indicate a date/time:


 After selecting a date and time for your event, you'll select the correct your time zone for your event.  Currently, for our Beta release, events are limited to the continental United States. 


Create your ticket(s):


You will provide a descriptive the ticket name for your Mixolo guests..  Keep it brief but descriptive to differentiate that it is a Mixolo ticket.


You may create a “0” (zero) priced ticket for free events that only require registration.  Simply enter "0"  (zero) in the ticket price field. Otherwise, pay events must be listed for a minimum of $ .50. 


You will also indicate the number of tickets that will be available for sale.  When you create a new event,  you may create only one ticket type in the event builder   Later, after the process is complete, you’ll be able to add, update, or delete tickets and adjust the price or number for sale.  


At least one ticket type must be listed for the event.


Price your tickets:




At this time,  for each ticket sold, Mixolo will collect 10% of the ticket price you set, or $5.00, whichever is more,  to offset our payment processing fees and other operational expenses.   Please price your event tickets accordingly to ensure you realize the return on the event you expect.


Events are not  "moneymakers" for Mixolo, but an essential part of how our community of solos connects.  At a later date, as we build our following of members and hosts, Mixolo will offer tasteful advertising opportunities on our platform to sustain our operations and improve our offerings.


See our Terms of Service for more details on payouts for your events. 


Like other event platforms, Mixolo holds the ticket sales in escrow until the event is successfully completed.


Describe your event and venue:


You will be asked to write a description for the event followed by information on the venue.  It’s very important to add specific details about where Mixolo attendees can find you, the host,  and their new plus-some at your venue.


Upload a representative photo or graphic:


With our Beta dashboard, you may upload ONE good quality and representative photo or graphic per event.   Only .jpg and .png formats are accepted.  Photo files must be 2MB or less.   "Landscape" oriented photos work best on the platform.


Provide "optional" information


You'll have another opportunity during the event building process to provide important details about the event using the checkboxes shown here.  Guests want to know about food, beverages, and any special parking or arrangements.   If your event does not have a food component, please let your guests know here.


At this time, please do not use the “optional information” field to enter text.   This field is not operational in the event listing for our Beta release.


Share additional information


You may provide more details on the information you shared on the optional information screen on the  “Additional Information” screen.  Please add information, intuiting Frequently Asked Questions that will make your attendees’ arrival and experience seamless. 


Be sure to add information about your order cancellation or refund policy.  We recommend making events non-refundable, if possible. However, cancelled events with ticket purchases will not result in a payout to hosts. Members will be refunded by Mixolo.


Tell us about your business:


Next you will be asked about the organization you represent, whether a formally organized business or a sole proprietorship.   One user account per “business” name should suffice.   


Some questions are optional, including, registration number and DUNS.     However, your business name, email street address, and Tax ID are required.  Please re-enter your email  you used to set up your account here.


Your Tax ID to help us process payouts for your events.  Payouts will be made to hosts for the amount due upon successful completion of an event.


Let us know about your "digital footprint:"


For our member comfort, we only work with event organizers with a solid track record and presence on the web.


Please provide information about your digital footprint on the web and/or social media. 


Both the business information and digital footprint screens will NOT be required again for every event you add to your organizer.  You’ll be able to edit your business information after you have created an account and submitted your first event.


To enter your social media links, you will need to follow a strict format for the links to work when a member user clicks on the corresponding social media buttons/icons that will appear in the events you build.










Note: If your handle includes special characters in it, please include them (example: mixolo_gosolo)


At this time the app event listing cannot be shared on social media, however, when members who purchase your event click your links, they can like or follow your social media page(s).   


The web link for your listing can be shared by hosts and members.  (See video 6 - for more details)


Submit your event for review or approval:


When you are satisfied with your event, you submit your event. for Mixolo to review and approve it for listing.  Be sure to rate your experience building a Mixolo event, and leave any additional comments.  


We know we have some work to do.  We want to hear your feedback on our beta so that we can better meet your needs.


Once you’ve completed the first draft of your event, you’ll exit the event builder interface and enter your event organizer dashboard.  See Video 3.


Video 3 Highlights: After you have submitted your event


Once you’ve completed the first draft of your event, you’ll now be taken from the event builder interface to your event organizer dashboard.


Here you will be able to:


Edit your business information:


Select "Customize" from the Dashboard menu; you will see your organizer account settings with your business information.  You may adjust your business information as needed.  


See information about your event:

Select "Dashboard,"  from the Dashboard menu to view all of your upcoming events on a calendar or select "Events" to view all of your upcoming events and edit your event as needed.


When you select an event for view or edit,  you will see event analytics for the individual Event Dashboard (limited for this Beta release). 


At this time, only gross sales will be shown on your individual Event Dashboard.   Mixolo withholds 10% of each ticket price sold, or $5.00,  whichever is more, for events priced at $10 or more per person.  These rates are introductory and subject to change.  See Terms of Service for more information.


Net sales (which is equal to gross sales less Mixolo fees) will be paid out to hosts up to 5 business days after successful completion of an event.  See our Terms of Service for any updates to this process.


At this time, Mixolo will not charge fees for free events.   We hope to grow our network with more members and increase your chances of filling your events as we expand your access to new customers.


Edit or add ticket types:


While on your event's Dashboard, you may select "Tickets" go to the tickets screen; here you can make edits to ticket information.   


If you wish to edit a ticket or create an additional ticket, at any time you can go back to the tickets screen and select edit for the existing ticket -  or select "create a ticket"  for a new ticket. 


You may give your new ticket a different name, price, and quantity.   Please differentiate the ticket types with clear names.


You may also pause ticket sales for a ticket type.   Just click on "pause."  You may click on "resume” to reactivate the ticket.


Edit/customize event:


Next, to customize your event, select "Customize" from the Event menu.  You can make any additional changes to your event details here. 


In the Beta release, we have some spacing issues in the description field on the customize event page, so please check to see if your paragraph is aligned as you intended and adjust accordingly.


In the customization time fields, the clock is set to military time, however, your event will be listed based on standard time.  You will need to make the necessary adjustments based on your time zone. 


You may also adjust your photo with a replacement photo upload.  At this time, the event listing can only accommodate one photo.  You must delete any prior photo for your replacement photo to appear.




Make your event live (pending Mixolo review):


When you are ready to make your event live, at the top of your event's dashboard, please click on “Click here to make it live.”


The event will not be visible to the public immediately.   Mixolo will review and approve all events and provide timely feedback from wecare@mixolo.io on the event’s readiness for sale in the app.


You may continue to edit the event listing as needed. 


When Mixolo, approves the event,  you may begin making sales.   Not every event will be approved.  We must ensure that the event is right for our members.


Mixolo will notify you by email with feedback as needed and when your event is ready for sale.   See Video 4 for how to manage your Mixolo event orders.


Demo Video 4 Highlights:   You've got orders!


After you get orders for your event you may:


Export information about your guests:


Now that people have purchased your event, you may select "Orders" from the event's Dashboard menu.   You will see the list of Mixolo members who purchased your event.  You may export the order information using several file formats.  


Canceled orders:


At this time, you may cancel orders on the" Orders" screen only, however, refunds are not automatic.   You will need to inform Mixolo of cancellations at wecare@mixolo.io to process eligible refunds.


The status column categories are not functional at this time.   Please ignore the canceled status.


You can look at an individual attendee order info by clicking on the details button.  When you are ready to cancel, click on the Refund/ Cancel button." Select the attendee ticket, and press  "Confirm order/Cancel."


If you click on the attendee's details again,  you will see the new canceled status of the attendee.


While the attendee is still on the Orders screen to track sales transactions, they will be automatically removed from the "Attendees" screen.    


Track  and communicate with your attendees:


When you select,   “Attendees” you’ll also see everyone attending the event.  Unfortunately, both of the invite options ("invite all " or one attendee) are currently not functional for our beta release. 


At this time, we hope that our hosts will market their Mixolo events to their patrons and subscribers using email and social media channels so that they, too, may choose to participate in the Mixolo shared experience.   


Encouraging your followers to use the Mixolo app to attend your events means they will be able to stay in touch with their new connections on the Mixolo app's MIXCHAT messaging platform so they can make plans for future events with you!


You may print your attendee list and/or export it for separate communications.  We do require our hosts to offer an opt-out for Mixolo members who may be asked to sign up for future communications beyond your Mixolo event in accordance with applicable spam laws.


You have the option to send an email message to one of or all your attendees from the dashboard (limited formatting).  You’ll receive a duplicate of your sent email in your host user account email address. 


You may also scroll to an individual attendee and create an individual message using the “action” drop-down menu. Only the message option should be used on this menu.  


Neither printed tickets or digital tickets are functional on the dashboard.  Mixolo events purchased in the app are ticketless - the ticket purchase confirmation appears in the member’s app under upcoming events.  Mixolo events purchased through the web link are also ticketless.  Members receive a confirmation email.  


Please do not edit Mixolo member user information at this time. 


Also, please do not use the “refund/cancel” option on the Attendees Screen.   Cancellations should only be processed on the “Orders” screen.  



Notify Mixolo of refund eligibility:


Eligible refunds to members are processed by Mixolo in accordance with the refund policy you have indicated in your event description.   Please ensure that your cancellation and refund policy are clearly indicated in your event. 


Cancellations by members do not automatically generate refunds.  Mixolo will review each refund request individually.


Check in your attendees:


You may  “Check-in” your attendees when they attend your event.   


Currently, the "Surveys" and "Widgets" menu options are not functional.   Mixolo attendees may submit surveys in the app for each event.



Demo Video 5 Highlights:  Manage your account credentials


Change your password:


 When you are prompted to sign in to your existing account, you’ll have the option to change your password if you have forgotten it.  Select “Forgot Password”  then provide your user account email.    


You’ll receive a password reset email with a link.  Please open the email and click on the reset link to be returned to the dashboard to reset your password.


If you are already logged into the dashboard, you may change your password by selecting "My Profile" from the upper righthand menu. 


Please use "My Profile" solely for password changes.


Update your email:


In "Account Settings,  you also have the option to change your email,  however, we recommend that any changes to your account email  be made on the Dashboard  "Organizer Customization screen."  See Video 3.


Deleting your account:


If you wish to delete your host account, please contact Mixolo at wecare@mixolo.io.   Because we may have historical transactions or outstanding payments due on your account,  Mixolo will review the account and confirm the account deletion.




















 Demo Video 6:  How to Promote  Your Event Via the Web


Manage your event


The Mixolo app is the default platform for displaying and selling your events.


You may also sell and promote your event on the web.  Select your event from either the calendar or upcoming events.


You may also find and select the event by clicking on the "Events" tab.  Select your event and "Manage" to access the specific event analytics.  Here, you can see the number of views your event has been getting.  At this time, these views are for the web version of the event listing. 


Finding  and sharing URL address/web for your event:


In order to share the event outside of the app,  simply copy and paste the event URL address from your specific event's dashboard to your browser to view the event listing on the web, share the link on social media or through email. 


Social Media sharing:


With our beta release, only the URL address (web link) can be shared at this time on social media. There is no automatic upload of a preview of the link, but you may share the link on any of the indicated social media platforms to direct your guests to purchase your event from the web link.


Email sharing:


You may also email an invitation to your patrons and followers with the URL address to your link and offer Mixolo as a new way for them to visit you when they are coming out on their own.


Your guests:


Guests may only purchase one ticket at a time in the app and on the Web.  However, they may make additional one-ticket purchases on the web.   We think it is important that each guest registers as an individual for the comfort of our members.


Guests also have the option to copy and paste the event URL in emails and on social media, however, in our Beta release, the event photos will be not be reviewed.  We will be making enhancements in social sharing for release early spring.


Guests also have the option to contact you directly with questions.  Guest inquiries from your web listing will come to the email you used to create your Mixolo host account.


Customize your event listing background:


You may make some design changes to the web listing for your event. On your specific  event’s dashboard, select “Customize.”  You may edit the event web page by selecting “event page design.”  These design tools do not affect the mobile app listing. 


 Stay tuned for more enhancements in Spring 2019.


Contact us:


If you have any questions or concerns about these functions, please email us at wecare@mixolo.io.   Provide your best phone contact in case we are unable to resolve your question through written correspondence.


Thank you for being an early adopter on our Event Host Dashboard!